At Kristen's, she denies lying about the note he found in the trash. Brady tells him Marlena admitted it. Kristen outs Marlena for wiretapping but Brady knew and wonders how she could lie to his face. She was trying to protect him from the pain. She can handle everyone else looking at her with mistrust but not him. If he doesn't trust her, she wants him to leave. Brady apologizes. He wants to be with her. They make-out and have sex.

Sami walks out of the cafe and calls EJ to meet, later. She then leaves a message for Will about the baby. EJ's in the square where he sees Rafe. They rehash history and Rafe warns him to make sure Gabi stays away from Will and Sami. EJ admits he hired a lawyer just in case Nick and Gabi try for sole custody. They disagree about which man knows Sami the best and Rafe says he threw in the towel with her. They were going to be together after the wedding. EJ's skeptical but Rafe's sure she'll tell him all about it.

In Gabi's room, Nick reads an old newspaper and realizes Lucas took the rap for Will shooting EJ. Will pops his head in and Nick hides the news. Will gushes about the sonogram and shows him the photo Gabi gave him. Will's happy they put their animosity aside. He hugs Nick and leaves and Nick gets back to plotting. Downstairs, Sami attacks Gabi, accusing her of getting a quickie wedding in order to gain sole custody of the baby-to-be. Gabi denies it and stresses. They postponed the wedding and Will's going to be a part of the baby's life. Sami softens after hearing Will was at the sonogram and that it's a girl. She starts making plans to be at the birth but Gabi doesn't like being attacked and sets ground rules. Sami starts threatening and Nick comes between them. Sami leaves to shop for the baby. Gabi feels like she's choking when Sami's around. Rafe pokes his head in and invites them to dinner but today's not a good day. Gabi goes upstairs and Nick complains about Sami's attack. Rafe will take care of her.

In the cafe, Sonny gets Abby's order wrong but she doesn't mind. She knows Will is on his mind and tries to get him to forgive him. Chad watches from nearby and Cameron accuses him of watching her like a stalker. Chad knows he blew his chances with Abby and destroyed Sonny and Will's relationship. Abby wonders if Will was right to keep it a secret, based on Sonny's reaction. EJ arrives and Elvis strolls in and inquires to his brother about Sami and Rafe being together at the wedding. Chad says people were gossiping about it. "Don't ever be a woman's second choice," EJ says before leaving. Later, Chad stops Abby who tells him to try being a better man. Nearby, Brian and Sonny joke about how Will's baggage includes a diaper bag. Brian hasn't been around a while. He was contemplating "the emptiness of existence" after Sonny turned him down. Brian's flirty and Sonny soaks it in. He closes shop and they share an easy banter.

Abby finds Cam at the hospital and asks him out.

Chad stops Will at the square to apologize for his actions at the non-wedding. What he did "kinda sucked" but Will's glad to at least be able to show him the sonogram photo. Chad thinks Will's going to be an awesome dad and encourages him to talk to Sonny, who he heard professing his love for Will, earlier.

At her apartment, Sami meets EJ and spills about things leading up to her and Rafe starting over. She kept it from EJ in order to avoid him but it was selfish. She saw Rafe for who he really is. She tears up and tells EJ she's been a coward, afraid of how EJ makes her feel. This feels right and losing him would be the biggest mistake of her whole life. She wants him but is it too late? There's been something between them since day one that they've danced around. Things got in the way. She's tired of fighting what's between them and since he's been so patient, she will, too. She won't give up on him. "I believe we belong together." It takes EJ a while to respond and when he does, he says he's at the end of his patience with her. She sobs but he stops her crying with a kiss. They ignore Rafe pounding on the door.

Brian makes Sonny laugh at the cafe. He goes for a kiss. They start making out as Will walks up and sees.

Sneak peek!

When Daniel and Jenn get close at the resort, Chloe calls with a mood-breaker.

Rafe warns Sami to stop attacking his sister.

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