Rafe goes to Gabi at the pub and suggests she and Nick postpone plans to marry. Nick's against it but agrees to give it some thought so Rafe leaves. Gabi sides with Rafe and thinks Rafe's being supportive. She talks Nick into waiting.

At the square, Kate vows to have Nick's parole revoked if he gives Will trouble. Will doesn't want her going after Nick and fills her in on the sonogram. Kate beams with delight to learn the baby's a girl. She apologizes for being over-protective about Nick and tears up. They discuss her falling out with Billie.

Marlena meets Hope at her office and confesses John left her because he doesn't trust her. Hope feels partially responsible but Marlena insists she's not. She leaves and Rafe arrives while Hope has her head in her hands. He can identify with her bad mood. Hope's taken aback to hear Nick and Gabi were about to marry today. He notices Hope's been edgy lately and asks if it has to do with when Bo's returning. She's evasive.

Nicole hides in Kristen's shower as Brady spots confidential Titan documents on Kristen's computer. Why does she have these? She's stumped and is offended he thinks she took them. She runs off. He follows and Nicole is pleased with her handy-work.

Brady follows Kristen to the park. She thinks she was set up by Nicole. Brady remembers Nicole acting strangely earlier. He realizes it's true and apologizes to Kristen. "I'm an idiot." Later, Marlena and Kristen bump into one another. Kristen taunts her about John leaving but thinks she's enjoying wallowing in self-pity. She calls Marlena a hypocrite and says things will never be over between them.

From the cafe, Billie is on the phone accepting a job offer.

Perky Nicole saunters into the rectory with the signed document from Kristen. Eric takes them and leaves. Brady shows up and shares the story about what happened with the sensitive documents. They were time-stamped and asks if Nicole saw anything while she was at the house. Nicole blames Henderson. Brady admits he knows she's to blame. He grabs her and calls her a "little bitch." Eric walks in and hears Brady saying this has to be the stupidest thing she's ever done. They're through! Eric's jaw drops. She fills him in when Brady leaves. Eric says what she did was a crime.

Kate walks in on Nick and Gabi's discussion to wait to marry. It's a smart idea. She has agreed not to fire him and hands him documents for work. He can expect to be very busy. She walks away and Nick tells Gabi everyone's against them. Gabi doesn't want to hear it and talks him into waiting to marry. Nick goes to Gabi's computer and looks up Lucas' prison sentence. "It's time to play hardball, Will," he mutters. Downstairs, Gabi tells Will the wedding has been delayed and hands him a sonogram photo. Will heads upstairs to thank Nick just as Nick realizes Lucas took the rap for "the gay boy" who tried to kill EJ DiMera.

Brady practically topples over Marlena on his way to Kristen's. She stops him and confesses to wiretapping Kristen. Why is she telling him this now? Marlena assumed he knew and tells him about the note that read, "I know what you're doing." Brady's face falls as he remembers Kristen's lie about the note. He runs off.

Kate and Billie meet at the cafe. Kate learns Billie got a new position in Europe. She leaves tonight. Kate tears up. Does Billie hate her that much? Billie doesn't mean to hurt her. She needs this change for her and they'll still visit. They sob and declare their love for each other before Billie heads out.

Back at Hope's office, she and Rafe are happy to hear about Gabi and Nick agreeing to delay their marriage. Hope runs out to pick up Ciara from school and pauses outside with something on her mind.

Brady returns to Kristen's and confronts her about Marlena and the note.

Sneak peek!

Sami accuses Gabi of trying to keep her kid from Will.

EJ and Sami's make-out session is interrupted.

Will almost catches Nick.

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