Jenn arrives on Daniel's doorstep finding Chloe in one of Daniel's shirts. Chloe says it's not what she thinks. Daniel's not home. Jenn wonders why she's playing house in his apartment. Chloe lies about Parker spilling food on her and makes a show of knowing her way around. Chloe "finds" Daniel's phone and Jenn realizes that's why Daniel didn't meet her. Chloe senses hostility. They both want what's best for Parker, which is why Jenn decides to leave. Chloe chuckles when Jenn runs off. "Who says blondes have more fun?" She picks up Parker and plans on breaking up Daniel and Jenn's lunch plans.

At the square, Kate and Billie disagree when Kate blame Chloe for only getting supervised visits with Parker. Billie says she has herself to blame and is unwilling to change her ways. Kate's hurt. Billie's tired of being unheard and of Kate's plots and schemes, Billie needs space and has found a new job. Kate promises to stop. Emotions come to the surface as they say a tearful goodbye.

Outside the pub, Kristen gets a call from Brady to meet later. Roman finds her and admonishes her for John's decision to leave town. She blames Marlena, being on edge and reminds him that she once nursed him back to health and brought him home to Salem. He reminds her that her motives weren't pure. She throws it in his face that Brady has made all her dreams come true.

Daniel finds Nicole at the mansion and judging by the look on her face, assumes she's up to something. She expresses phony indignation but he sees through her. Victor intervenes and starts bitching about Nicole being there. Brady returns with tea and Nicole takes off. Victor bitches about finding people in his house he disapproves of. Brady leaves to call Taiwan and Victor calms down, glad to hear Daniel's helping Chloe find a place. Brady returns and Victor takes off on a call. Brady and Daniel plan to have dinner with the ladies before Daniel leaves. Victor returns and rails on Brady about dating Kristen. Brady's sick of it and compares Maggie and Victor to him and Kristen. Victor grimaces and calls him naive.

Nicole arrives at Kristen's. "Ugh gross. Twice in one day," Kristen snorts. Nicole asks her to sign the resignation documents for Eric. Kristen threatens to beat her if she starts up again. Nicole manages an apology of sorts and Kristen signs. Nicole steals a key card while Kristen takes a call. Later, Nicole breaks in and plants the sensitive Titan documents on Kristen's laptop. Brady arrives and Nicole hides. He spreads rose petals on the bed and when Kristen turns up, they go at it with Nicole cringing in the bathroom.

An edgy Jenn meets Dan at the pub. Chloe eavesdrops as Jenn hands over his phone. Chloe rushes over to apologize for the awkwardness, earlier and explains what happened. She goes to the bar and Daniel asks why she hid it. Jenn wasn't trying to. He learns she wanted to go somewhere private with him so he makes it up to her by offering to make dinner. She'd rather go away together overnight. He worries. Is she ready for this? She is and wants it to be special. They agree to leave tonight and hold hands.

Chloe walks in on Anne firing someone over the phone at the hospital. They start trashing Jenn.

Sneak peek!

Brady confronts Kristen.

Gabi agrees to postpone her wedding.

Nick confirms the circumstances that Lucas went to jail for Will.

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