Nicole drops by Kristen's to warn her away from Brady. They exchange barbs and name-call. Nicole blames Kristen for Brady losing his family. Kristen remarks that Brady knows she has changed and recounts Nicole's own past issues with men. Nicole will always be a friend to Brady. Kristen reminds Nicole of what she did to Jennifer and of her baby loss and Nicole moves to slap her. Kristen catches her arm and Nicole takes her down.

At the cafe, Brady bitches to Marlena about his family punishing him because he's with Kristen. Eric calls and Brady leaves.

Hope finds Jenn at the hospital. Jenn confides that Chloe wants Daniel back. She goes on about Daniel being a good catch. He's a master surgeon and does the best imitation of Scooby-Doo. They walk to Jenn's office. Jenn talks of Chloe's strength where Parker is concerned but Hope points out she's also weak. They make plans for Jenn to ask Daniel on a date for hot chocolate and marshmallows in the park. They think it could be sexy.

At Daniel's place, Chloe extols the virtues of moving in with Parker. Daniel thinks she has an ulterior motive but she denies it. He gets her to admit a part of her wants him back. She brings up the past and remembers how happy she was here in this apartment. She's not been with any other man in Chicago. Daniel's sorry but their time has passed. Chloe claims she's glad he moved on with someone he liked. He has to step out and leaves her there with a sleeping Parker. She can lock up when he awakes. He goes and she promises Parker his daddy will love her again. He wakes up and she feeds him. She intercepts a call from Jenn who is dropping by. Chloe "spills" food on her outfit. When Jenn arrives, Chloe answers the door in nothing but Daniel's shirt.

Brady rushes to the rectory where Eric has him sign a resignation letter in order to find a replacement. They have words and Brady stomps off. Later, Marlena wanders in and they gossip about how defensive Brady is. Eric explains he can't keep Brady and Kristen on the board of a Catholic church. She gets it. Maybe this will be a wake-up call. Eric muses about what she has lost but Marlena blames most of this on herself. She admits John left her.

Brady rushes into Kristen's and breaks up the fight and orders Nicole to back down or their friendship is over. Kristen looks guilty and thinks to herself, "Brady, what am I doing to you?" Nicole goes and Brady defends Nicole, who has been through a lot. Kristen's not happy he's defending Nicole but he reminds her most of his relationships are strained because of his relationship with her but Nicole went through a lot of pain and agony and Kristen needs to "get over it" and "leave it alone." He's pretty sure Kristen gave as good as she got. Kristen tells him to stay clear of her. Brady accuses her of being jealous. She's not. She's worried about him. She gives him a key card so they can meet later.

Nicole returns to the rectory where Marlena's spilling her guts about John leaving and Kristen being at the root of their issues. She eavesdrops and then walks in as Eric walks Marlena out. Nicole schemes to bring out the truth about Kristen on her own. She finds a thumb drive and gets excited. Later, Eric returns and griping about Kristen ensues. She offers to handle Kristen's resignation on her own. Nicole heads out and Hope arrives with Ciara, who goes to her first communion class while the adults talk about John leaving Marlena.

Kristen walks by the jewelry store at the square and thinks to Brady giving her the bracelet. She tells herself he's a means to an end. Marlena walks up and Kristen taunts her about John leaving town.

Nicole finds Brady at home. She apologizes for fighting with Kristen and feigns a "hormonal headache" and sends him off for tea with honey while she drops files on to the thumb drive from his laptop. Daniel walks in and she hides the drive. He thinks she's hiding something.

Sneak peek!

Chloe and Anne celebrate.

Billie quits MadWorld.

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