Sami and EJ get hot and heavy at her apartment. EJ pulls away. They only ever seem to end up in this situation when something terrible has happened. He loves her.

Justin and Adrienne wander the square debating about the merits of showing Will compassion. Adrienne doesn't while Justin does. Lucas overhears and appreciates Justin's support. Lucas and Adrienne argue about their sons and Adrienne hopes the boys aren't getting back together. Lucas thinks they need to stay out of it and Justin tells his wife the situation isn't black and white.

Abby finds Chad at the cafe. She's trying to wrap her head around his actions at the non-wedding. He can't tell her his motivation but in hindsight, he wouldn't do it over. Rafe heads in to ask Sonny where Will is. He has no idea. He and Will aren't together and it seems like so long ago that they were happy. Rafe's sorry. He goes to Abby and she reluctantly shares Will's whereabouts.

Will walks into the hospital just as Cameron tells Gabi and Nick they're having a girl. He stares at the monitor and Cam asks if Gabi's fine with Will being there. Will has every right. He and Nick agree and Nick admits he had no right to keep the appointment from him. He goes outside to wait. Will feels Gabi's belly as they watch their daughter. "She's a miracle," they agree, swooning. Nick watches and vows to make "this right again." Later, Will tells the couple he wants to be a part of his baby's life and thinks they can work out their issues. Gabi promises he'll know about check-ups and Will runs off happily. Nick tells his bride they're marrying - tomorrow. She jumps into his arms.

Back at Sami's, she and EJ dress. Lucas arrives and sees the state they're in. EJ leaves and Lucas starts in on her, disgusted about her being with Rafe moments ago and "doing the merengue with EJ again." They agree to be there for Will as a united front but Lucas is upset she alienated the future mother of their grandchild. They drink to being grandparents and Lucas suggests she stop blaming Rafe and Gabi and get along with them. Sami agrees to it and Lucas suggests they stay out of Will and Sonny's problems. Later, Sami's in a negligee when EJ calls. She's glad he put on the brakes earlier. He laughs. It wasn't easy. She has something to say but thinks it's better in person...

EJ meets Chad at the park. EJ's in a good mood and tells his brother because of what he did at the wedding, it started a war between Sami and Rafe. Chad opens up about his love-life. EJ says to give Abigail time. Nearby at the square, Rafe meets Will. Will apologizes for lying and tells Rafe they're having a girl. He will be a big part of his kid's life. Rafe beams and congratulates Will with a hug. They're okay.

Justin and Adrienne walk into the cafe. Sonny and Adrienne apologize for their argument. He mopes and asks if they were truly happy for him and Will at Christmas. Adrienne points out they didn't know Will was lying then. "It just seems like forever-ago doesn't it?" They lend support, leave and Will walks in. Sonny asks about the sonogram and learns the baby's a girl, though he knew, and that Will wants to be a part of her life. He wants Sonny there with him. He pleads his case and jumps on Sonny, planting a passionate kiss on him. Sonny wants this but it won't fix their problems.

Chad goes to Cam at the hospital with another apology. Cameron agrees to try.

Gabi and Nick arrive at Gabi's room. Nick gets Gabi a shake and Abby stops by. Abby's excited the baby's a girl and talks about finally not being embarrassed about her virginity. Gabi gives her a pep talk. Downstairs, Rafe learns from Nick that they're having a baby girl and marrying tomorrow. Nick wonders how Will is going to take the news. Rafe agrees to support him if he fights for custody.

Sneak peek!

John leaves Salem to think.

Stefano thinks Kristen can call off her affair with Brady.

Chloe visits Jenn.

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