EJ comes between Sami and Rafe at the church. He understands Rafe's need to protect family but he won't let Rafe threaten Sami. Rafe sneers, "Really? You really going to go there right now?" Rafe and Sami yell at each other and EJ asks Rafe for compassion and respect. Rafe realizes this is pointless to discuss and on his way out, EJ says Will has changed his mind about walking away from his kid. Rafe and Sami discuss what Will wants and Rafe thinks it's always been about what Sami wants - it always has been. Fighting continues and Rafe calls Will messed up because of Sami. EJ defends Will, who isn't messed up. Rafe won't stand by and watch Sami screw up his sister's baby. He leaves and Sami whines that Will said the same things Rafe did, earlier. EJ thinks Will's just hurting. EJ supports her and Will. He makes her laugh a little.

Will stops Nick and Gabi at the pub to discuss the non-wedding. Will's sorry for his mother's behavior. Nick says nothing has changed. He wants to make a family with Gabi and Will's child. Will and Gabi agree that since everyone knows, they can't do that. Nick suggests Will give up parental rights. Will calls him a "cold SOB." Nick asks Will to be rational. "I am rational. You're the one who is insane." Nick points at Will and warns him never to say that again. They go back and forth about Will's reasons for going along with Nick and Gabi in the first place and Nick asks, "Do we really want this baby to be raised by one mommy and three daddies?" Gabi separates the men and Nick apologizes. Will refuses to accept. Gabi has to leave for her appointment. She and Nick lie about where she's going. Will tells them he'll never give up custody of his child. They leave.

At the coffee shop, Chad and Sonny go over their budget. Chad again apologizes for not handling things better at the church. Sonny muses that he'd still be in the dark if Chad hadn't spilled his guts. Chad's off to find Abigail. Adrienne rushes in, worried about her son. She's glad he found out before he and Will got serious but Sonny emotionally tells her that he was invested and in love. He can't trust Will now. Adrienne points out Will's faults until Sonny bangs the counter telling her to stop torturing him. She's sorry. He thinks she must be feeling vindicated. Adrienne denies this. She cares about him. He deserves better than this. Sonny feels awful. Later, Will shows up. He misses Sonny and wants another chance. Sonny asks why he lied. Will was worried he'd lose him because Sonny said he didn't want kids. Sonny wanted the opportunity to see how things played out for himself. Angry, he walks away.

Abby goes to Maxine at the hospital to ask after Cameron. Maxine says he's on call and smirks knowingly. She admits he and Emily are history. Cam walks up and they discuss the baby fiasco. She asks about Emily and he confirms they're over. Maxine breaks it up. Cameron has a sonogram appointment with Gabi. Chad walks up and apologizes to Cameron, using the Lexi card. Cameron can guarantee Lexi would be ashamed of him just like Cam is. Chad's pissed. Cam calls him angry and vindictive. What he did was unforgivable. Elsewhere, Gabi confronts Nick. Why didn't he want Will with them? Nick thinks it'd be harder for Will to let go.

Rafe walks through the square, angry. Nicole stops him, knowing it has to be about Sami. He grins. He shouldn't be surprised anymore but she outdid herself with her cheerleader EJ. They walk to the park and Rafe fills Nic in. He saw the true Sami and he's done with her. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ talk over at the square. Sami texts Lucas to talk and Adrienne interrupts. Sami threatens to take her down if she trashes Will. Adrienne tells her Sonny's devastated. Sami's sorry but defends Will. Adrienne leaves amd Sami bitches about kids and is glad EJ's there. He holds her hand.

Abigail goes to Will at the cafe, after witnessing part of Sonny and Will's argument. She's so sorry and comments she thought he'd be at the hospital for the sonogram. Later, Chad approaches Abigail and asks if she really thinks Cameron will take her back. She tells him off and he admits he didn't feel alone when he thought they would be together.

Sami and EJ arrive at her place. He expounds upon her virtues as a mother, they hug, and then start kissing.

Back at the hospital, Cameron goes to Abby and Nick, sorry for what Chad did. Maybe it's best the truth came out, in the long run, he says, making Nick jump all over him. They do the sonogram and learn the baby is a girl. Will comes in.

Sneak peek!

Lucas is disgusted with Sami.

Abby confides that she and Cam are getting closer but she's insecure about her secret.

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