Daniel finds the number to CPS on Jennifer's desk at the hospital and confronts Jennifer about Chloe doing tricks and the note. She claims Kate told her and she couldn't repeat it but that note isn't hers. Daniel is paged and in a huff rushes off with her following. They run into the waiting room with Chloe and Anne watching and smirking. Jenn asks Anne where the note came from. Anne says it's Hailey's writing. They question Hailey who claims Jenn requested it. Jenn denies it so they assume it was a mix-up. Jennifer stomps off and the three girls laugh it up. Later, Daniel runs into Billie and demands she have Kate contact him as soon as possible. Baffled, she leaves and Chloe finds Daniel to discuss her past. He tells her she put herself back together and is a good mother. They hug and he runs off.

Rafe arrives at the pub wondering why Nick's working. Nick's doing so until he starts his new job. He's still planning on marrying Gabi but hands over the tickets for the honeymoon. Rafe tells him not to rush into anything. He sees Justin on his way out. Nick pays Justin to ensure confidentiality while discussing sole custody. Justin says he has to petition the courts to have Will give up his rights to the baby and when Nick wants to prove Will unfit, Justin asks if it's because Will is gay. Nick says he's 'not saying that'. Justin's not interested in this case and gives Nick the retainer back.

At the rectory, Nicole eavesdrops on Gabi's apology to God about her lies. She offers to lend a nonjudgmental ear. Rafe steps in unseen and listens as Nicole counsels Gabi to go forth with a wedding if that's what makes her happy. Nicole has screwed up her own life but people are pretty forgiving. Nicole leaves and Rafe goes to his sister. He'll help her any way he can no matter who gets in the way.

EJ walks through the square on the phone with a custody lawyer he hired for Will.

At home, Sami pressures Will to answer what he plans on doing about his child. Sami judges him for not wearing a condom and comments about Gabi having an agenda. He should fight for his rights and do it soon. Will still refuses to discuss it with her but she badgers him. Will bumps into EJ on his way out. Sami leaves the men alone to talk. Will opens up about he and Gabi comforting each other with sex and everything that happened afterward. EJ can't tell him what to do but says his kids are important to him and it's hell to be forcibly separated from them.

Maggie drops by Jenn's to unload. Though she doesn't out Chloe as a prostitute she says she and Daniel had a fight and realizes Chloe set it up. Jenn runs to find Daniel.

Sami walks by Nicole at the square and hears, "Oh hey how's it going there Granny?" Nicole lets Sami know that she's going to be there for Gabi. They shoot barbs at each other and Sami scoffs at Nicole's track record as a friend, making Nicole second guess helping her get together with Rafe New Year's Eve. Sami's surprised. Nicole did it for Rafe and should have known Sami would blow it. "You always do." They part and Nicole overhears Billie telling Kate on the phone that whatever her plans were for Chloe backfired.

Sami runs into Rafe at the rectory. She's bitter. He doesn't want to do this - not here. She gets sarcastic. "Are you supposed to tell the truth in church?" They start arguing about Gabi's motives and Rafe reminds her she hid the truth about her baby once. Things get ugly and EJ interrupts.

Jenn returns to work and Daniel apologizes for flying off the handle. He trusts her and always will. They hug while Chloe looks on pouting and later canoodle in Jenn's office while he vows that nobody will make him doubt what she means to him. They start kissing.

Chloe finds Nicole at the square and relays what happened. She may have lost this round but she's just getting warmed up.

Gabi goes to the pub where Nick says he wants to marry her as soon as possible at the courthouse. Gabi refuses and Will pops up to agree. Not until they figure out what to do about the baby.

Sneak peek!

Sonny can't get over Will's deception.

Sami and EJ make out...

Chad loses his chance with Abby.

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