At the rectory, Nicole informs Chloe that Kate gave Jenn the low-down on her days as a prostitute and Jenn may be telling him now at the square. Nicole isn't happy about this but reminds Chloe that Daniel wants Jenn. Chloe scrunches up her face and vows to do anything to get him back.

Brady finds the note for Marlena in Kristen's room and questions Kristen. She flashes to showing it to Marlena but covers by saying EJ was bluffing his negotiations on a speaker phone at her place and she wanted to let him know she knew it. Brady finds it odd. He starts clutching his head and collapses on her bed. Kristen calls Cameron who arrives and tells Brady his blood pressure is low. He needs tests. Kristen looks guilty and flashes to paying the muggers off and telling them the beating was supposed to be for his father. Cam leaves and Kristen tells him she didn't want him to be hurt like this. "It's not like you planned it," Brady says. He showers while Kristen tells herself to stay focused. She'll string him along a little longer and then it'll be all over.

Pained, John listens to the bug at the cafe and asks Doc if it's true. Is the reason she didn't come clean about Kristen's affair with Brady because she was happy that Kristen wasn't sleeping with him? Marlena takes her time but finally admits yes, it's true. John's pissed. Marlena accuses him of still being a little attracted to Kristen. He feels like she and Brady are strangers. Marlena knows how that feels. John needs to figure out what's going on with them and him and Brady so he's leaving town a while.

Sami finds a mopey Will at home. She forces him to stay and figure out what he's going to do about his child. He tells her the abortion wasn't his idea but she should empathize with Gabi. She does but doesn't know why he was okay with Nick passing the kid off as his own. She hopes her painful experiences would have been a lesson to him. Will wouldn't have told her anyway. She makes everything worse and judges him. He says he didn't want his kid brought up in a broken home. Sami feels she failed him but Will tells her this isn't about her. She agrees and tells him passing the child off as Nick's is not an option anymore. The child will one day find out. Sami knows what it's like to have secrets blow up in her face. Whatever he decides, someday that child will grow up and look at him and judge him. Will he be a father to this child or not?

In the square, Jenn's about to tell Daniel about Chloe hooking but he thinks Chloe's a good mother and lets her know that though he shares a son with her, he's in love with Jenn. Jennifer's glad he told her that and they start to leave but hear Chloe bellowing for Daniel. He asks what's wrong and Chloe realizes he doesn't know. She asks if Parker has his bunny for his booster shots today. Daniel confirms he does. "Bunny crisis averted," he says with a grin. He and Jenn leave and Nicole arrives. She and Chloe ponder Jennifer's reasons for keeping her secret. Chloe thinks it'll buy her time and comes up with an idea.

Back at the rectory, Nicole's in a mood but won't tell Eric why because he won't reciprocate. Eric tells her he didn't open up because it was a family issue and not his to share. Nicole already knows. Eric's worried John and Brady won't be close again. Eric tells her Brady is involved with Kristen. Nicole is floored and angry and then brings up the real reason she's upset - Daniel and Chloe.

Chloe meets Anne at the pub where they scheme about Jenn.

Anne returns to the hospital and gives someone a note. She then calls Jenn to the hub. In another room, Chloe hems and haws before telling Daniel about her "terrible self-destructive mistake" hooking. She shares that she was blackmailed into it. Daniel will kill the person but Chloe doesn't need his protection. She says it made her a better mother. Daniel can tell. Chloe's relieved he didn't hear it from Jenn. She says she overheard Kate telling Billie she was going to tell Jennifer. Daniel's visibly upset. Meanwhile, Anne's partner in crime drops off the note to Jennifer's desk. Later, Chloe and Anne share a knowing grin while Daniel visits Jenn in her office and brings up Chloe's hooking. Daniel looks down to see a number for Child Protective Services on her desk. He asks, "Is this about Chloe?" Jenn looks confused.

Sneak peek!

EJ offers Will help.

Nick wants to marry Gabi ASAP.

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