Hope finds Marlena at her office leaving a message for Will, who is feeling ashamed. Hope did the same for Nick. Marlena whispers that John moved out and she's unsure if he'll ever forgive her. She's embarrassed but admits she was worried Kristen would end up in bed with John. She hasn't told John this. Hope thinks it's only human and concocts a plan to have Marlena wear a wire in order to catch Kristen. Sure Hope knows it's illegal but it's not like she's using it for anything other than to show Brady Kristen's true colors. Marlena's reluctant but Hope pins a bauble to her lapel in preparation.

Chloe and Brady share a reunion hug at the cafe when Kristen comes upon them. They tell Chloe they've just started dating and Kristen's happy to meet her. Chloe's glad to see Brady happy. Chloe gets coffee while Kristen says she is looking for Chad. She thinks Chloe's hot and with a smile, says she's a little jealous. He kisses her and she and Chloe bond over their scandalous pasts. They agree to do lunch and when Kristen leaves, Chloe is surprised he's dating the woman who slept with his dad and attempted to kill Marlena. Chloe slowly realizes that he fought with John over this. He loves his dad but loves... "Kristen's important to me," he says and doesn't want to be told what to do. Chloe understands. He admits Victor and Maggie don't know. Chloe has news herself and will tell him on her way over to the mansion. She's glad to be around such a good friend and if it hadn't been for him, "I'd be stuck in that horrible situation of selling my body." Though she's worried, he doubts Kate will tell anyone about that.

Jenn and Daniel arrive at the Brady pub after buying Parker toys. Kate arrives with Billie. She needs his help as does Parker. Jenn and Billie give them space and Kate cries as she asks Daniel not to get supervised visits. Daniel won't make any promises but he'll do what she can. Kate relaxes. Jenn and Dan leave and Kate tells Billie the good news. Kate says that's not all. She wants Chloe to be in a living hell.

Parker plays at the mansion while Victor tells Maggie he hasn't lost a grandson. They think Kate will take advantage of the situation. Both know Chloe's into Daniel. They saw her light up like "Nancy Wesley's aluminum Christmas tree." Jenn and Daniel arrive with the toy truck and hands it over to Parker. Dan leaves them momentarily. Parker cries. Jenn's a stranger to him so Daniel convinces her to spend the day with them with a kiss - one that Chloe witnesses when she arrives. She slams the door to interrupt and tells them she is fine if Jenn wants to come along to the square. Brady wanders in and congratulates Daniel on fatherhood. Dan, Chloe and Jenn take Parker out and Brady explains his bruising and Victor goes nuts after hearing he's dating Kristen. Brady won't defend himself but says Kristen has changed. Maggie comes between the men when they start arguing. She says they're both worried about him because this is a classic self-destructive action of an addict. Brady chuckles. Victor thinks Brady will be sorry when he sees Kristen's true colors.

From her hotel room, Kristen calls Stefano with an update. He learns she's dating Brady. He barks, "John's idiot son?" She has a plan. He heard about the physical fight and reminds her she agreed not to hurt Marlena but she's not done yet. Later, Marlena shows up and shoves her way in to discuss Brady.

In the square, conversation is awkward between Chloe and Jenn so Jenn takes a photo of father and son and takes off. Daniel asks if she'll allow Kate supervised visits with Parker, who still thinks of her as a grandma. Chloe's dead set against it. She did horrible things to both of them. Chloe blurts out that he doesn't know the half of it.

Kate finds Jenn at the hospital. She tells her Chloe was prostituting herself.

Sneak peek!

Chloe and Nicole clash over Daniel.

Kate presses her agenda to discredit Chloe's mothering.

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