EJ and Johnny run through the square happily after seeing a monster truck show.

In the church, Gabi listens quietly with tears streaming down her face as Rafe and Sami argue about whether or not Will wanted Gabi to have an abortion. Gabi begs them to stop and defends Will but admits he didn't want to have the baby because he and Sonny were getting close. The arguing continues and Gabi says Will was on board with her and Nick bringing up the kid.

From the hospital, Marlena calls John to ask to discuss their issues just as Abigail rushes up to Cameron to accuse him of knowing about Nick not being Gabi's baby daddy. Marlena gasps and Cameron says what he knew was protected by patient/doctor confidentiality. Marlena calls what Chad did cruel and Cameron points out it's illegal. Abby reluctantly spills that Will's the father. Marlena rushes off and Abby apologizes to Cameron.

In the park, Will tells his father he thought this would be the best thing for his baby. Nick eavesdrops and Will says he's been having nightmares about not being close to his child. Lucas points out that now he can be there from the moment the child is born. Will doesn't want his kid to go through custody battles. Lucas gets uptight and asks how much more he has to do to prove he loves him. "Man, I went to prison for you." Nick's eyes widen. Will didn't tell his father because he worried Lucas would hang on to the idea he's straight. Lucas has been going to PFLAG meetings and is well informed now. He knows this can happen. He's there for his son. They hug.

Chad heads into the coffee shop. Sonny starts yelling and Chad apologizes. He had no idea Will was the father. If he did, he'd have kept quiet. Sonny calls Chad a "DiMera." His apology means nothing. Chad explains how he learned the truth and cites Will as the father of Gabi's baby just as EJ walks in. Chad explains everything to EJ. Chad's quite proud of himself, notices EJ, who grins widely. EJ reminds him Abigail's not going to be happy and Chad's face falls. He has to go! Will arrives and is greeted by EJ and Johnny. EJ offers his support with anything he needs. Will's thankful. EJ hugs a forlorn looking Will and promises that these things work themselves out.

Back at the church, Rafe and Sami argue about how Will really felt about having the child and Eric interrupts. Sami leaves and Gabi bawls as she apologizes. Nick arrives and hugs his bride. They remove their rings for now. He flashes to overhearing Lucas saying he went to jail for Will and promises Gabi they'll fix this. In another room, Rafe rants to Eric. He saw Sami's true colors today. This made him want to run fast in the other direction.

Abby finds Chad at the park. They argue about him hurting everyone she cares about. Cameron intervenes when Chad grabs Abby and tells him he'll regret eavesdropping on his private conversations if he does it again. Chad apologizes for hurting Abby and Will and leaves. Cameron's supportive and before he goes, he tells Abby that even if she came to see him upset, it was still good to see her.

At the cafe, EJ leaves and Will faces Sonny but Sonny doesn't want to hear him. Marlena walks in and Sami calls, wanting to talk tonight. He puts her off until tomorrow and she tells him she loves him. Marlena is supportive of Will. He's not alone. She encourages him to talk to Sonny but not to force anything. She asks him to be kind to himself and he tells her, "I literally love you so much." She leaves and Sonny watches Will cry. Will tells him he'll move his stuff out but doesn't want to lose him over this. He loves him. Will leaves and Sonny mutters the same sentiment.

Sami returns home weeping and finds EJ in her kitchen. He tells her about his run-in with Will. He offers her support too and she tears up. He holds her. It means a lot to her. She worries for her son but EJ tells her it'll be fine. "EJ when did you become such a Pollyanna?" He reminds her they've worked through their differences. She admits Rafe's determined to blame everything on Will while Rafe likely thinks Gabi was out buying bubble gum at the mall.

Sneak peek!

Marlena's wearing a wire when she goes to see Kristen.

Chloe burns while witnessing Jenn kissing Daniel.

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