Sami and Rafe are kissing at her apartment and they start to disrobe on the couch. There’s a knock at the door. Sami lets Hope in and Rafe leaves. Hope helps Sami get ready and asks about her and Rafe. Sami agrees they are trying again and wonders if they are meant to be like Hope and Bo.

At the pub, Chad tells Sonny he’s going to Gabi and Nick’s wedding. Sonny wonders what’s up. Chad says he’s tired of being mad all the time and is moving on. Nick overhears Gabi asking Will to be the baby’s Godfather. Nick steps in and says no way. Gabi apologizes that she didn’t tell him first and Will confronts Nick. Gabi tries to stop them. Will says Nick doesn’t think he’s capable of being Godfather. Nick pleads his case that the odds of the truth coming out go up and claims he’s worried how hard it will be for Will. Will tries to make them understand what it would mean for him to be Godfather. Gabi and Nick shut him down. Will leaves for the church disappointed.

Chloe shows up at the hospital and sees Daniel, commenting it is just like old times. He asks why she is there and they discuss pediatricians. She asks him to join her to review his recommendations. He says he will spend his break with Parker and will stop to see Jennifer. Chloe says she understands and he asks if she does. Chloe claims she has no illusions and they’ve both moved on. She is just in Salem for him to reconnect with Parker. Before she leaves Chloe overhears Anne talking at the hospital coffee counter about Jennifer taking another day off. She interrupts and invites Anne out for a real cup of coffee after Anne claims to know the real Jennifer.

Abby catches her mom before she leaves home and asks about her date with Daniel. Jenn tells her Daniel found out Parker is his son and explains what happened. She receives a text from Daniel saying he is stopping by. Abby leaves to get ready for the wedding. He comes over and tells her he loves her and wants her to be a part of his and Parker’s life. She encourages his relationship with Parker and offers to help in any way.

Lucas bumps into his mother in the park and asks why she’s back. Kate tells him Chloe is back. Lucas is happy and then Billie joins them and Kate asks her to tell her brother to stay away from Chloe. He says he’s not interested in her, he is only happy that Daniel may end up leaving Jenn alone. They discuss what would be best for Parker.

Abby helps Gabi get ready at the church and Sami shows up. Gabi starts to get emotional and Sami gives her a pep talk and discusses how they will always be connected by the baby because she was with her when she heard about the baby. Rafe interrupts with a call from their mother. Gabi speaks to her in Spanish. She says her mom apologized for hanging up and is really excited about the baby. Sami rushes Rafe out of the room. In another room, Father Eric, Rafe and Will offer support to Nick. Rafe’s phone rings and he leaves. The priest leaves Will and Nick alone. Nick asks will if they are okay and reminds Will how he stepped up. Will ignores him.

Victor and Maggie welcome Caroline at the church. They thank her for giving Nick a second chance. Maggie steps away and Victor and Caroline discuss Chloe. Chad shows up and finds Abby waiting. Sonny arrives and tells Will he can’t believe he moved in so fast and will be happy to dance with him later. Rafe kisses Sami between wedding tasks. Chad joins Abby and tells her how beautiful she is. Billie, Kate and Lucas arrive and Billie asks how she's feeling about Chloe's return. Jenn was assured by Daniel that they're still on track. Eric and Nick arrive and Will and Abby go up the aisle next. Rafe walks Gabi down the aisle and Eric welcomes everyone. The readings begin and vows are exchanged. Just then, Chad stands up and stops the wedding by declaring Gabi should be marrying the real father of her baby!

Daniel goes back to the mansion to see Parker. Chloe opens up that she has always sensed that he was her son's real father so she wants them to change his name to Parker Daniel Jonas. Daniel likes that idea. Daniel promises his son he will never let him go.

Sneak peek!

Rafe and Chad get into a fight.

Lucas wants to hear the truth from his son.

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