Over the phone, Rafe tells Sami he'll pick her up in an hour. EJ arrives at Sami's to clear the air. He didn't know what Kristen was up to. They agree not to let Kristen come between them. Johnny rushes in. EJ will take care of Johnny during the wedding. This is how he wants things to be. He admits he didn't take a job at CW because he likes cosmetics. He wanted to be close to her. She thinks they make a great team. He blurts out that he's in love with her. She tears up. Johnny runs in and drags EJ out the door. Sami tells herself she's going to "tell him."

Rafe meets with Nick at the pub and Nick shows Rafe the list of things Gabi wants and projected costs. He plans on stepping up and ensuring Gabi's happy and loved. He goes on and Rafe interrupts. He's there to give him tickets for a honeymoon to Cancun and asks for a clean slate. Nick's pleased.

Will wakes up at Sonny's to breakfast in bed. Sonny gives Will a key to his apartment, which goes over well. Sonny rambles, unsure if Will wants this. Will kisses him happily and starts ripping off his clothes but Sonny reminds him the wedding is today. Will wants to move his stuff in right away - before the wedding! Will goes to shower and Sonny confirms a delivery order for Valentine's Day over the phone.

Chad arrives early to Abby's to take her to breakfast. Things get uncomfortable when Gabi runs down the stairs. Chad congratulates Gabi on her wedding day. "Being mad is exhausting." Abby takes his hand and Gabi realizes they're dating. Chad leaves and Gabi picks up her jaw from the floor. "Chad looks happy," Gabi realizes. She tells her friend to invite Chad to the wedding as her date.

Kate finds Victor at the coffee shop. She got the red eye out of Paris after speaking with Philip about Parker. She yells about this being Chloe's fault. They leave and Abby and Sonny have coffee and discuss Chad.

Daniel steps into the living room at the mansion to see Chloe reading to a thumb-sucking Parker. Daniel takes over and Chloe tells him she's staying in Salem. She just got a job teaching music. Daniel's happy to hear. She calls it a fresh start for him and Parker. She knows she betrayed him and owes him this.

Kate follows Victor into the park to discuss Chloe but Victor says Daniel's going to be a good father. Though he has little use for Chloe, she did the right thing. He assumes she's been plotting all night. He's upset too but there's nothing they can do about this. The hell they can't, Kate states. Victor hopes this isn't a threat. She learns Chloe's staying with him. "You let that slut stay in your house?" Victor tells her he and Maggie want Daniel to spend time with the boy. "The slut is part of the package." Exasperated, Kate says she's the only one left out in the cold. He's still a grandfather by marriage. She won't take this lying down and rushes off.

Gabi arrives at the pub and hears about her honeymoon. She's overjoyed. Their mother calls and hangs up on Rafe after he shares Gabi's news. Gabi cries but Rafe's sure she'll come around.

Kate stops by the mansion to see Parker but Chloe refuses her. They argue. How can Chloe be so cruel? Chloe reminds Kate that she tried to kill her. "You're lucky I didn't spit in your face and slam the door." They argue and Chloe slams the door in her face. Kate calls her a vicious whore. She plans to tell Daniel about Chloe's prostitution.

Victor shows up at the hospital to check on Daniel who admits this has been like a dream come true. Daniel assures Victor that he can handle Chloe.

EJ spots Chad in the square and make small talk. They walk and talk and Abby calls to invite Chad to the wedding. He's surprised but agrees. He tells EJ it's easier not being so angry.

Will goes home to pack. Sami cries. She has mixed emotions about her son moving out and hopes he's happy. Will thinks it won't be long before she and Rafe move in together. Sami beams. He leaves and Rafe arrives. She's not ready so he starts kissing her.

Sneak peek!

Hope is happy to hear Daniel is still committed.

Just as Eric is about to conclude Nick and Gabi's ceremony, the wedding is interrupted.

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