Father Eric's praying at church is interrupted by Nicole who pressures him to tell her what's upsetting him. Since it's none of her business, she becomes offended and takes off to see a 'real friend' of hers.

Rafe drops by Sami's place to take her to the rehearsal dinner. She shows him a heart shaped pinata she got Gabi which has "reduced his sister's wedding to an ethnic stereotype." Rafe dances with the heart and tells her he needs to be more careful with her heart. They kiss. He wants to start their own happily ever after once Gabi and Nick are married off. She likes that idea.

Gabi finds Nick outside the pub. She fills him in on what Cameron knows. Inside, Abby and Will prepare the tables. He'll be happy once this is over. Abby takes a call and when Gabi and Nick enter, Gabi tells Will everything is fine. Nick accuses Will of shooting off his mouth but Will sets the record straight about how Cameron guessed about Nick not being the baby's dad. Nick apologizes and blames wedding jitters. Sami and Rafe arrive and Sami recites a poem in Spanish and Gabi tears up. Sami wants Gabi to think of her as a substitute mom. Will cringes. Rafe tells Gabi that someone will tell their mother the news in the morning but she shouldn't worry. Abby gets advice from Will. Should she give Nick and Gabi Chad's best as he requested? Sami interrupts and they leave for the church.

Jenn finds Kayla at Daniel's place. Daniel stepped out but she can take Jenn to him.

At Victor's, Daniel is overcome with emotion while hugging his son. Chloe tells him they're finally what they always should have been. "A family." Everyone gawks at Chloe. Victor tells Daniel that Philip isn't doing well with the news and went to see Kate. On her way out, Chloe bumps into Jennifer. Chloe tells her to go on in. Once she does she finds Parker and Daniel tells her the news. She's happy for him. Kayla apologizes on behalf of Stephanie for the lies but Daniel points out that Ian's to blame. Victor and Maggie take Parker to bed and later, he gets out of bed. Daniel comforts him and takes him to find a needle and thread to repair his bunny. He returns and introduces Parker while he stitches up the bunny. Maggie and Victor rush in, relieved to find Parker who snuck out of bed. Jenn feels bad for Victor and Philip. Victor tells her not to let these developments change anything for her. Jenn won't worry about what this means to her. She's happy for Daniel. They both declare they still want to be in each other's lives. They start kissing.

Chloe runs into the cafe to see Nicole. They embrace and catch up. Chloe feels like her life's about to turn around now that she learned Daniel's Parker's father. Nicole's happy for her. Chloe never stopped loving Daniel and wants him back. Nicole points out that he's in love with Jenn but that doesn't bother Chloe.

Everyone arrives at the church. Sami is miffed to hear Nick took a job with Kate. She had an offer ready and asks what he settled on with Kate. They leave the room to discuss things and Sami learns Kate offered him more. He asks her not to hold it against him. She won't but she'll hold it against Kate. She rips up her offer. As Eric rehearses with Gabi and Nick, Sami daydreams about marrying Rafe. Meanwhile, someone watches the proceedings.

Sneak peek!

Chad arrives with a surprise for Gabi.

Rafe tells Sami he wants to be with her after the wedding.

Kate vows revenge against Chloe.

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