At Daniel's place, Chloe finally blurts out that Parker is Daniel's son. Daniel is stunned. He thinks Chloe's playing a 'sick game'. She claims to have proof from a second DNA test she and Philip had done. Daniel's still skeptical. Kayla comes to the door looking concerned. Chloe thinks Kayla can explain more. Kayla confirms that Parker is really Daniel's son.

Henderson interrupts Victor's work at home to tell him Philip's there with Parker.

At the square, Maggie and Nick discuss Kate's job offer. Maggie gushes about how good of a father he'll make and leaves for home when Gabi arrives. Gabi wishes her family was as thrilled as Nick's is. She mopes that she still hasn't told her mom and if she knew, it might kill her. She calls to have someone else tell her mom she's getting married. He has to leave for his party but is reluctant. It doesn't sound exciting because it's just "Four guys and a bunch of coffee..."

At his place, Sonny helps Will with his tuxedo. He thinks he looks incredibly hot and gives Will a kiss.

At home, Jennifer walks out on a discussion about Daniel with Lucas and trips over a box left on her doorstep. She falls unconscious and Lucas helps her to the sofa. Billie walks in after them holding the box. She quickly realizes Jenn's fall is her fault. Jenn comes to and wants to rush out to Daniel's but Lucas and Billie would rather take her to the hospital. Lucas reluctantly heads to the bachelor party. Jenn gets a text from Daniel who needs more time.

Maggie runs into the mansion and finds Victor looking upset. She noticed Philip's car outside. Victor says he and Parker are upstairs. He shares the news about Parker being Daniel's son. Victor's a little crushed that he's not Parker's grandfather. Philip has grown up after taking responsibility for Parker but now Victor's worried about his son. Later, Parker plays with them downstairs and Maggie realizes she's a grandmother. She reminds Victor he is still a grandfather to Parker if not by blood.

Sonny and Will arrive at the coffee house for Nick's bachelor party. Sonny asks if they need to buy Nick a gift. "No, I've given him enough," Will says. Lucas arrives and Cameron makes jokes about what a wild coffee party this is. Lucas mentions how Nick's friends are still on the inside and something he says makes Cameron realize Gabi lied about Nick being the baby daddy. He says nothing but Will watches his expression and quickly calls to warn Gabi. Nick arrives and things get awkward when Lucas jokes about once thinking Gabi could be his daughter-in-law. Nick makes remarks to Sonny about how he's living the dream every man wants which is to be married to a beautiful woman with a kid on the way. Sonny says not every man wants this. "Every man I know does," Nick snarks. Lucas thinks Will must be upset that their state doesn't allow gay marriage. It bothers Lucas, too.

Back at Daniel's, Kayla explains that Stephanie knew about Chloe and Philip. Kayla says Ian Burton, Steph's old lab friend, sent them a letter admitting that the test results named Philip as the father. Kay flashes back to when Ian changed the results to Daniel's name before Stephanie saw them. Stephanie feels horrible and wants to make it right. Daniel realizes they're telling the truth. Chloe runs down to her car and Kay says Ian is in a 12-step program and is making reparations for past misdeeds. Chloe returns and says Philip took it hard and insisted they do another DNA test. She shows him the DNA test and Daniel comes to grips with the news. Chloe tells him Philip is coming to terms with his loss. Kayla is happy for Daniel, who finally smiles. "I have a son." Chloe offers to take him to see Parker at Victor's. Daniel asks Kayla to stay behind to explain to Jenn that he had to step out.

At the hospital, Billie and an impatient Jenn wait for the doctor. Jenn checks her purse. She can't find her cell phone. Billie goes to get the doctor but Jenn can't wait and rushes to Daniel's. Later, Gabi goes to see Cameron who has gone back to work. Someone eavesdrops as Gabi confirms that everything Cameron knows about her pregnancy is confidential. Cameron knows Nick is not the father. She confirms that he's out of the picture and Nick knows.

Jenn shows up on Daniel's doorstep where Kayla greets her.

Daniel and Chloe turn up at Victor's. He shows them to the sitting room and Chloe introduces Daniel to Parker, who goes and gives him a hug. Daniel's visibly touched and grins from ear to ear.

Sneak peek!

Sonny plans to give Will something special.

Nick objects to something Gabi wants.

Chloe has plans to stay in Salem.

Kate vows revenge against Chloe.

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