Daniel excitedly prepares for his date with Jenn and opens his door thinking she's on the other side. Chloe stands there. Daniel's in shock. Why is she there? Is she in trouble? She's not and has actually forgotten what it's like to be in trouble. She has wonderful news but realizes he's expecting a guest. He tells her he's seeing Jennifer but she's surprised since Jack just died in August. Daniel reminds her his life is none of her business. She apologizes. She didn't realize being with him would be this hard.

Jenn storms into her house and tells Abby her car died. Abby hides a glass of wine behind her back and Jenn notices. She thinks there's a problem. The wine spills on Jenn's outfit and she has to change.

In his hospital room, John demands to know how much Marlena knew about his son sleeping with Kristen. Marlena stalls for time and eventually sighs. "I knew." Sami goes into Brady's room and starts calling Kristen and Brady names. She thinks her brother must be using again. Kristen wants to alert security but agrees to wait outside while Brady gives Sami a piece of his own mind. Kristen leaves and calls her manicurist. Back in John's room, he flips out on Marlena. She admits she knew for a month. John staggers back in shock. She reminds him how supportive he has been of her. She barks that maybe she stopped trusting him because he believed Kristen over her. She was tired of being the villain. Meanwhile, Brady takes the blame for seducing Kristen, who tried numerous times to end things. Sami's not sure she can believe that Kristen's not 'Lady MacBeth' and he's not 'Bambi' like she thought. She rushes out and bumps into Kristen and they exchange barbs but Kristen wants to be civil. After all, she's her children's aunt. Pretty soon she may be more. A war is still going on back in John's room as they rehash why Marlena kept this secret. Kristen goes back to Brady who is dressed and ready to leave. Back in John's room, Marlena's sorry for the way John learned the truth but she's not sorry for not being the one to tell him about Brady and Kristen. John feels he has been unfair to her but thinks there's another reason she kept it from him. Sami interrupts. They have to stick together, she tells them. They need to trust each other. It's like Brady joined a cult and drank the Kool-Aid. John agrees and hugs Sami. She tells Marlena the worst is over. They won't let Kristen get away with this. She runs off and Marlena flashes to Kristen thinking Marlena must be happy that she's with Brady and not going after John. Marlena doesn't share this with John. Instead she reminds him they can't let Kristen tear them apart. She wants to put it behind them. He'd rather get a hotel - he needs a little time alone. He doesn't trust her right now.

At the pub, Caroline and Kayla discuss memory loss and afterward, Caroline jokes with Kayla, pretending to forget the entire conversation. Kayla gets a call from a very upset Stephanie who has sent a fax. She promises to take care of it for her and to call tomorrow.

Daniel receives a text from Jenn who is running late. He urges Chloe to spit it out already, so she starts blathering about complications and is happy to hear from Brady about the successful hand surgery he recently had. Chloe finally blurts out that Parker's his son. "Our son."

Back at Jenn's place, Lucas arrives. He needs Jenn's help. Kate lost her suite reservation at her hotel out of town and needs Jenn to call a place she wrote about in some article that she gave a good rating to. Jenn makes the call but only gets a room for Kate overlooking the park. Lucas barks out that Kate won't like it and Abby snarks off that he's lucky her mother did it at all. She's late for her date. Lucas growls about Jenn dating Daniel. They rehash their argument.

Kristen and Brady return to her room. She makes a point of locking the door before they kiss. He confesses he's falling in love with her. She seems taken aback and tells him he has no idea how that makes her feel.

Sneak peek!

Gabi warns Cameron to keep her secret.

Someone eavesdrops on Gabi and Cameron's conversation.

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