At the hospital Kristen taunts John over his fight with Brady. John says she's done a number on his kid. She smiles cryptically and says, "On you too." She accuses him of being jealous. John says she's deluded - why does she still go after a man who hates her? Kristen reminds him that he broke her and threw her away. She came back from that dark place and she's replaced him with Brady. What made him come to Brady's office? John recalls his conversation with Marlena. Marlena appears and Kristen leaves. John looks confused – why did she send him to Brady's office? Marlena realized she had to tell him the truth. John demands to know if Marlena knew his son was sleeping with Kristen!

Abby walks into Caffeinated to talk to Chad about their New Year's Eve kiss. She reminds him that they broke up because he was in love with Melanie. Chad tells her Melanie is over him, why don't they take this thing slow and see where it goes. She agrees but only after Nick and Gabi's wedding. Chad can wait, she's worth it.

At Jennifer's, Daniel tells her they aren't going to the skyline track. Her face falls. He offers a pizza dinner at his place instead. When she asks why he really cancelled, he says he just needs some time alone with her and asks how she feels about that. They talk about being alone together to reconnect. Daniel kisses her then leaves. Later, Abigail lends her mom some jewellery and says Jack would want her to be happy. Talk turns to Abby and her love life. Abby assures Jennifer she's still a virgin and not dating Chad just yet.

As EJ walks into the pub, he tries to leave a message for Kristen about the wrench she's thrown in his plans when he sees Kate. She tells him she's going to celebrate being a "walking miracle" as she's gotten a clean bill of health from her doctor and she's got her family. EJ's happy for her, and says that if Lucas can see the light about Sami, there must be hope for him. She muses that if Rafe isn't the problem for him then maybe Kristen is. EJ kisses Kate on the cheek before she leaves.

Rafe discovers Sami grumbling angrily at the square. "Kristen DiMera is trying to destroy my family," she says. As they walk to the park, Sami rants about the trouble Kristen is causing. Rafe asks if Kristen's behavior is so different from what Sami's tried to do in the past. Her mouth drops. Rafe asks her to consider that Kristen and Brady have real feelings for each other and that maybe Brady is powerless with her like most men are with women. Sami accuses Rafe of not caring. Rafe passionately kisses her. When Sami pulls away she asks what he's doing – it's just like New Year's Eve, this doesn't mean anything. Rafe pulls in her in for another passionate kiss then asks her if he has her flustered. He tells Sami she'll have to figure out how to break it to EJ that she doesn't want him.

Marlena walks into Brady's hospital room and tries to convince him of Kristen's lies. She reminds him how much John loves him and tells him that this thing with Kristen isn't love. When Marlena reveals that Kristen admitted that she was trying to hurt John through Brady, he doesn't believe her. He asks Marlena for one shred of proof that Kristen is lying. She tells Brady they'll talk later.

Back at his apartment, Daniel is preparing for his date when he answers a call from Maxine about a patient who only wants to see Daniel. Daniel is relieved when she offers to send the patient's vitals online. He rushes to change his shirt after wine spills on it. Someone knocks on his door, and thinking it's Jennifer, Daniel goes to open it – it's Chloe.

Outside the pub, Chad thanks EJ for his advice and says that he and Abby had a good New Year's and are going to take things slow. He asks about EJ and Sami. EJ confesses that Kristen is a problem. EJ tells Chad about Kristen and Brady's relationship. Chad doesn't get it.

Kristen walks in to see Brady in his hospital room. She apologizes – she never meant for him to be hurt like this. Brady says she can make it up to him when he gets out of the hospital. He tells her he just wants her. As they make out, Sami walks in and curses.

Sneak peek!

Sami can't handle Brady and Kristen's relationship.

Marlena confesses to John what she knows about Brady and Kristen's affair.

Caroline and Kayla receive shocking news.

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