At work, Sami thinks about Rafe's kiss. EJ enters and says she looks radiant. He asks if she was thinking about him. He's been thinking obsessively about her. Sami changes the subject to work but EJ nuzzles her neck. Eric arrives. He tells Sami about John and Brady's fight. He looks at EJ. "It had something to do with Kristen." Sami's determined to find out what's going on.

Nicole and Rafe meet at the cafe. Rafe feels good about 2013. He talks about Gabi's wedding, but Nicole wants to discuss Sami. Rafe teases her about kissing EJ. She's disappointed to hear Rafe hasn't followed-up on the kiss. Rafe's not concerned - he thinks any conflict Sami felt has melted away. Nicole thinks he needs to pursue her; make a move. Rafe says Sami needs to contact him. Period. He encourages Nicole about her own life. She thanks him for helping keep her mind off Daniel. Rafe hints that she's interested in EJ. Nicole insists she's not attracted to him and is giving up men to concentrate on her career. Rafe asks, "The church gig?" Nicole talks about being grateful to Eric, and admits she refused to volunteer on New Year's Eve. Rafe suggests she apologize. "I will."

In the hospital, Brady flashes to his fight with John while he gets checked over by Cameron. Brady won't discuss what happened. Also in the hospital, Kayla checks John and asks what possessed him to fight with Brady. John won't say. Marlena gets up to speed on their injuries at the nurses' station. Kristen appears. Marlena accuses her of being pleased. Kayla sends Marlena to see John and confronts Kristen. Marlena comforts John, who feels like a fool for trusting Kristen, and Kristen visits Brady, pretending to be upset. She goes on about trying to fight her feelings and not being able to live with herself. Kristen insists they stop their affair. Brady refuses. Meanwhile, Marlena feels guilty when John apologizes to her. She's about to come clean when Sami and Eric bust in. John tells them Brady and Kristen are having an affair - it's a revenge scheme by Kristen. Sami's appalled at Brady's gullibility. She's ready for a confrontation, but Eric insists on going alone. EJ is inquiring at the nurses' station when Kristen appears and tells him John found out she and Brady are having an affair. They go to the waiting area. Kayla tells Sami, she arrives as EJ is grilling Kristen and wondering if she considered the repercussions this might have on his relationship with Sami. Kristen tells him to deal with it. Sami hollers at Kristen, calling her creepy and disgusting. Kristen drones that she didn't plan this and she has no evil scheme. Sami's not buying it. EJ pulls Sami out. Kristen texts Stefano that everything's going great. In the other room, Eric accuses Brady of knowing 'this' would provoke his father. Brady mocks him and tells him to get lost. Cameron appears. "Brady needs his rest." Eric finds Sami hollering at EJ about his slutty sister. She tells EJ she can't look at him right now - guilt by association! Kayla asks Marlena to leave so they can run tests on John. They kiss. Standing alone, EJ mutters, "Thanks, Kristen. Thanks a lot." Marlena tells EJ his sister's a sociopath and will hurt him too. Kristen enters John's room. He says they're done. She says they're just beginning.

At the monastery, Eric tells Sami to calm down. Sami says he's naive - this nightmare is just beginning. Later, Nicole arrives and apologizes to Eric, but he's distracted and doesn't hear her. She asks what's wrong. Eric says he can't talk about it.

Rafe seems entertained to see Sami cursing and throwing things around outside in the square.

Sneak peek!

Kristen accuses John of being jealous and John accuses her of being in love with him.

John realizes Marlena knew about Brady and Kristen.

Kate warns EJ about Sami.

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