John busts into Kristen's room. Marlena follows. John tells Brady he's a damn fool for falling for Kristen's revenge scheme. Marlena urges Brady to listen to John. Kristen cries. The security guy appears and recognizes John. Brady wants everyone to calm down. John denounces Kristen. Brady tells them to leave. John refuses. Brady leaves with John. Marlena tells Kristen she knows about her plan. Kristen mocks Marlena for not telling John how long she's known about her and Brady, and suggests John may be lying to Marlena - he's obviously jealous. Marlena vows not to let Kristen hurt Brady. Kristen taunts her about being her stepmother-in-law.

Will and Sonny look on as EJ pushes Nicole away from kissing him in the cafe. EJ complains to Will that 'this one' detained him from Sami. EJ goes and Nicole tells Will and Sonny that she was acting drunk to stall EJ. She goes, and Will and Sonny look forward to later. They kiss.

Rafe and Sami finish kissing in the square as Gabi and Nick appear. Gabi raves about her wedding dress. EJ appears and kisses Sami passionately. After, EJ makes chats to Gabi and Nick about their wedding as Rafe wryly looks on. Once alone, EJ tells Sami he was waylaid by Nicole - it seemed deliberate. He gets a message and Sami agrees to go to his office.

On the bridge, Gabi and Nick discuss Sami with Rafe. He says EJ kissed Sami, she didn't kiss him, and won't discuss it.

In the park, John tells Brady that Kristen has an insatiable appetite for revenge and is getting back at him and Marlena by going after his son. He tells Brady he's an unsuspecting pawn and informs him his affair ends tonight. Brady tells John that Kristen predicted he'd say this. They argue. Brady tells John he's jealous. John insists he only feels disgust for Kristen and says she admitted she was using Brady. Brady isn't buying it. John calls her a manipulative bitch and Brady punches him. A fistfight ensues. Marlena appears and tries to stop it. Kristen watches.

Gabi and Nick arrive at the cafe. Will wishes them a Happy New Year. Gabi goes to the counter and asks Sonny for a clean slate for Will's sake. Sonny agrees, but warns her about hurting Will. Nick asks if Will made any resolutions. Will says he resolved if he calls him 'Gayboy' again to beat the bigotry out of him. Nick laughs. Will wonders what Gabi thinks of his homophobia. Nick says he regrets offending him. Will warns he wouldn't allow his child to be raised by a bigot. Nick tells Will he can't weigh in on anything, period. He has to stand by the decision he made.

At the monastery, Rafe asks Nicole why she waylaid EJ. Nicole thinks Sami is the best version of herself with Rafe, plus she says she wouldn't wish EJ on anyone - even Sami. She admits she kissed EJ - took one for the team. Rafe says he's optimistic about Sami after tonight.

At EJ's office, he has a candlelit table, flowers, and champagne set up for Sami. They spar over whether it's a first date and EJ says he has all her favorite foods. He raves about the view, meaning Sami. Sami tells EJ he's changed and admits she's told family and friends she's thinking about being with him again. Lucas calls her - Ali's got a fever. Sami tells EJ she'll never forget this. They kiss goodbye. Outside, Sami thinks about Rafe's kiss and seems troubled. Inside, EJ raises his glass to the woman he loves.

Will and Sonny kiss in Sonny's suite. He shows Will his resolution tin. His resolution for 2012 was to get Will to fall in love with him - it's all he wanted. They kiss.

Sneak peek!

Both John and Brady are hospitalized and treated.

Sami and Eric are stunned to learn of Kristen and Brady's affair.

Sami bursts into tears when she finds Rafe.

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