In Brady's office, Marlena demands to know what happened. Brady warns she'll be shocked - he's romantically involved with Kristen. He notes she doesn't seem surprised. Marlena is stunned to hear that John walked in on them in an intimate moment. Marlena is frantic to find John. Brady tells Marlena she hopes they can find a way to accept Kristen's in his life. Marlena says they never will. She tells Brady he's been manipulated and deserves much better than this.

John arrives at Kristen's room demanding to know what's going on with her and Brady. Kristen tells John he's an idiot - she has all kinds of feelings for Brady. John warns her about hurting him. Kristen says this is all about John - and what he did to her. John is stunned. "Unbelievable. It's you." He realizes she set him up to get to Brady. Kristen muses not exactly, but it's funny how things worked out. She confirms she hates him that much. Kristen recounts how he left her at the altar for Marlena, leaving her on her knees begging. John looks mystified and then sad. Kristen tells him she'll break his heart by taking his son away. John grabs her and hollers. She laughs. Security comes. John tells her she'll not hurt his son and leaves. After, Kristen is delighted with herself. Brady shows up. She greets him sobbing about John being out of control because he thinks she's using him. Brady says he and Marlena both think she has an agenda - they're treating him like a kid.

At the monastery, Rafe takes a call from Sami about Gabi's wedding dress. He then asks Nicole if she's ready for their date. Nicole thinks he's nuts to have Sami helping with the wedding.

In the cafe, Chad thinks about Abby and New Year's.

EJ joins Sami at the pub. He's in a tux and excited to start the New Year right. After Sami's changed they head out. Outside, they kiss. Inside, Johnny tells Caroline. EJ suggests they go somewhere more private.

At the Horton house, Abby warns Jennifer not to ditch her tonight. Chad comes to the door with coffee. They invite him to stay and play Monopoly. When Jenn's out of the room, Abby tells Chad she's glad he stopped by. Jenn calls Abby to say she's gone for a walk. They play Monopoly until midnight when they kiss.

EJ and Sami arrive at the New Year's party in the square. Nicole and Rafe arrive right after. Rafe spots Sami with EJ. Nicole tells Rafe he's got it bad. EJ leaves Sami to get a special bottle of champagne. Nicole urges Rafe to move in. Sami and Rafe chat about the wedding dress and look at a picture of Syd with her penguin - she named him Rafe.

At the hospital, Eric thanks Daniel and they discuss Nicole being resilient. After, Jenn calls Daniel to say it would be great to ring in the New Year together - she's right behind him. At midnight, they share a kiss.

Nicole finds EJ at the cafe picking up his champagne and stalls him. She spills on his shirt and gets in his face. EJ tells her she's drunk and needs to stop. She steals his jacket as the countdown begins outside. Nicole jumps on him. "Happy New Year!"

Marlena runs into Eric outside the pub. She tells him she messed up. John appears. He says he needs a drink and to talk to Marlena alone. In the pub, Marlena says she knows what happened. John says Kristen is getting revenge through Brady.

In the square, New Year's is rung in. Sami looks at Rafe. He pulls her hungrily into a kiss.

Kristen and Brady are having a midnight toast and kiss when John busts open the door. "Get the hell away from her!" Marlena, behind him, asks what he's doing.

Sneak peek!

Brady defends Kristen's honor with his fists.

EJ surprises Sami with a romantic dinner.

Will won't have his child raised by a bigot.

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