At Daniel's apartment, Nicole flashes to Brady warning Daniel about her and tells Daniel there is a law in the state of Utah that denies the biological father of almost all parental rights. Daniel reads the document. Her child would need an adoptive father. Nicole thinks he's offering and hugs him. He tells her it's a last resort and runs to work.

Maggie arrives at Jenn's. Abby asks after Melanie and runs off. Jenn gloats about kicking out her 'house guest from hell'. Maggie asks Jennifer to stop hurting her son. Jenn blames Nicole for taking advantage of Daniel. Maggie thinks she has shredded Daniel's heart by being disappointed in him but Jenn doubts she is that important to him.

EJ meets with a criminal lawyer in the park. He asks if he can find a loophole in the document Chad signed to keep Gabi out of prison. The lawyer can't discredit Justin and says no judge will get into bed with EJ. Those days are over and the depositions are solid.

Gabi turns up excited at Rafe's door to tell him Chad signed a document to keep quiet about her crimes. Rafe's thrilled. They hug and she runs off. He realizes what this means and calls Sami.

Sami goes to Chad's place and tells him she overheard enough of his conversation earlier with EJ to know his brother's playing him. She'd like to beat him at his own game. Chad's confused but tells Sami the whole story about EJ helping him with Gabi. Sami realizes EJ was blackmailing Rafe with Gabi's crimes so Rafe would stay away from her. Chad's pissed and tears out of the room. Sami smirks. "Go get him Chad." She runs to find Rafe when she can't find her cell.

Abigail strikes up a conversation with a surgical intern at the pub. When Cameron walks in, the girl says, "There's my date!" Abigail's jaw drops. They're introduced and Gabi walks in as they leave. Abby breaks down in tears.

Maggie arrives home. Victor has a romantic lunch set up in the living room. They kiss and she says she cherishes him. She talks about feeling helpless where Daniel's happiness is concerned.

Jenn hunts down Daniel at the cafe and apologizes for being judgmental. She wants to save their friendship. He doesn't see that happening.

Nicole goes to the hospital and hands Maxine her change of address. Maxine's surprised she has moved in with Dr. Dan. Nicole calls him a good friend. "Lord help that man," Maxine quips. Dr. Sedwik takes Nicole into a room. She'll be her doctor today but is heading to South America as soon as they're done. Nicole goes on about wanting her son to grow up to be a doctor, just like his father and talks up how much the baby was kicking until midnight last night. During the exam, the doctor says there's no heartbeat in the fetal monitor.

Both Rafe and Sami run all over Salem searching for each other.

EJ lets himself into Sami's apartment with her key. Chad barges in after him and accuses him of being a user. EJ goes ballistic after learning Sami figured out he wasn't going to help Chad get Melanie back. Chad says Sami's looking for Rafe, which makes EJ go off the deep end. There's more yelling and Chad smirks and calls his brother a back-stabber and a coward. Just like Stefano.

Sami and Rafe continue searching all over town to find each other and when they finally come together at the square, Sami cries and tells him, "I know." They kiss just as EJ comes upon them.

Chad stops Gabi outside the pub to threaten her.

Sneak peek!

Nicole learns her baby has died.

Sami unleashes fury on EJ for his deception.

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