Jennifer and Nicole are still going at it at the square with Caroline eavesdropping. Brady interrupts. They continue to go back and forth and Caroline attempts to take Jenn back to the pub. "If you're a good girl I'll give you a shot of rum in the tea," she promises. Eventually things break up.

In his apartment, Daniel flashes to Jennifer berating him. Abigail turns up, upset that Melanie left town without saying goodbye. Daniel explains things. They talk about Jenn and Nicole's fight over him.

Chad barges into the pub threatening to hurt Gabi by turning her in. He complains he doesn't have a life because of her. He's about to call the cops when Nick steps up, threatening to turn Chad in for beating on him. He'd love to put a DiMera away and so would the public. Chad realizes there's nothing he can do. He'll keep his mouth shut. Nick demands Chad sign an affidavit tonight.

Rafe walks in on EJ and Sami at the cafe. He flashes to being blackmailed by EJ and says he never meant to hurt Sami. He wants to discuss it. EJ firmly asks if Rafe thinks that's a good idea. Rafe apologizes to Sami and wishes there was a way they could work things out. EJ grins slyly and heads outside to take a call. Rafe doesn't like EJ taking advantage of Sami. She's confused about his mixed signals. He's sorry and leaves.

Billie comes upon Bo who has finished interviewing suspects at the hospital. She doesn't miss the job. He says he's thinking of leaving SPD and tells her why. She's supportive.

Bo walks in on the tail end of Gabi, Nick and Chad's conversation at the pub. They make light of things and the guys take off to see Justin and sign the document. Caroline comes upon Bo. She's got a headache and mentions she took a wrong turn while driving and wound up in a traffic jam. He's surprised since she knows the Salem streets well. Bo talks about a 'crazy idea' he has and she admits she's always liked his sense of adventure.

Brady walks Jennifer home. Jenn finds Nicole's prenatal vitamins and asks Brady to bring them to her and spy on Nicole. He doesn't want to but agrees to it. He goes and Abby arrives. They discuss why it's been a 'really rotten night'. Jenn wishes she could talk to Jack about this. Abby stresses that she's not being disloyal to Jack because she cares for Daniel.

Nicole goes to Daniel's place where she begs him to let her stay with him until the baby's born. He'll only allow one night. Brady shows up with the vitamins and she runs off into the guest room to eavesdrop while the guys discuss Jennifer's feelings for Daniel and Brady warns that Nicole's not a girl who likes to come second. Daniel admits Jenn drives him nuts but he loves her. A part of him always will. He talks up his need to support Nicole who is going through a lot.

Rafe heads to the loft to drink beer and talk to Arianna's photo about this mess he's in. Will visits and happily reminisces about the day Rafe sprung the loft on them. Will says he told Sami not to give up on him. Rafe's marriage to Sami was some of the best days in his life but it's not going to work out. Will's not so sure. Rafe wishes Sami would see EJ for who he is.

EJ and Sami arrive home. Chad's on the floor outside EJ's door. Sami heads inside into her room and gives the guys time to talk. Chad updates EJ on the situation with Melanie. Chad's certain he has lost her. EJ doesn't want Sami to overhear so he takes Chad for a walk alone - "It's a boy thing," he tells her.

Nick and Gabi are at the Kiriakis mansion. She's thankful he helped her with Chad. It was above and beyond. Maybe that's how he feels about her he says, and kisses her.

EJ and Chad are outside in the dark in the woods arguing because Chad signed a legal document agreeing not to press charges against Gabi. EJ yells that they've nothing to bargain with now. Chad doesn't understand why he's so angry. EJ tells him to keep his mouth shut about what happened to Gabi and takes off. Chad leaves and Sami comes out of hiding. She has heard everything.

Sneak peek!

Sami finds Rafe and EJ watches as they kiss.

Maggie has advice for Jenn.

Jenn has an apology for Daniel.

Dr. Sedwick can't find Nicole's baby's heartbeat.

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