Lucas goes to Adrienne at the cafe, and admits he doesn't want Will and Sonny "to do it." Adrienne's offended but Lucas reminds her of what Will overheard and defends his son. Since Sonny's within earshot they leave the cafe to continue their talk.

At the apartment, Sami admits Rafe didn't see their date as a big deal. She blames Rafe. "Rafe was leading me down the garden path and then turned onto the highway." He broke her heart again. Will thinks Rafe needs time or she misunderstood the situation. What should Sami do? "Are you serious? Were you born yesterday?" Sami knows she should talk to him but she's supposed to be focusing on work and the kids. Will accuses her of playing games.

EJ goes to Rafe's loft to discuss Gabi going to prison for her crimes - unless they can come to some agreement. Gabi goes free as long as Rafe gives EJ Sami. He needs to make a choice.

Outside the square, Gabi talks in circles about her crimes to Justin and finally comes clean. She knows she has to face consequences. Justin says she's looking at obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and making false statements to the police. She could face 10 years in the pokey. She gasps and cries. Justin says Melanie may be subpoenaed to testify against her and so will Chad.

Brady goes to see Melanie at Chad's but finds Chad alone and looking awful. Chad tells him the wedding is off. Is he happy? Brady only wanted them to slow things down. Chad wonders if Melanie was influenced by those who didn't want them to get married.

Melanie walks in on Maggie and Daniel at his place. They look bewildered when she lets them know she's leaving Salem to see Carly. They agree it may be a good idea for her to get away, even though they'll miss her. Everyone bawls. Maggie leaves the room and Brady shows up. Daniel gives them time alone. Brady wonders if she would have left town without saying goodbye. This is hard for her - leaving her loved ones. Melanie cries in his arms. He hears that Chad beat Nick. "He left that part out," Brady says and jokes that one less person hovering over him will be better for him. They'll miss each other so much. They bawl, hugging once again and he leaves. Daniel returns and they start up again with the tears while they say their goodbyes. Maggie comes out and Mel hands over her engagement ring, asking her to return it to Chad. Daniel thinks she should do it on her own but she can't. She leaves with one parting glance and Daniel holds his heart. Outside, Maggie's weeping. Melanie tells her saying goodbye to her is going to hurt the most. They sob into each other's arms.

Lucas takes Adrienne to the square where he tells her Sonny's more experienced than Will. "At what? Being gay?" Lucas says they're moving too fast. They were kissing! Adrienne's sarcastic. Will walks by and eavesdrops as Adrienne thinks Lucas is uncomfortable with Will being gay. Lucas denies that but needs time to get used to seeing the PDA. Adrienne admits she was wrong to let her feelings about him and Sami influence her feelings about Will who is a great kid. Lucas is proud of him. Adrienne says one day they may be in-laws. She winks and says, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it, baby." She wanders away and Lucas comes face-to-face with Will. Lucas claims he's not a homophobe. His feelings 'are what they are'. Will's sad his father doesn't see or like him the way he is. Lucas wants to work it out but Will walks away. Lucas still loves him. Will thinks that sounds terrible. Until Lucas changes the way he feels, they've nothing to say to one another.

Gabi rushes to Rafe's loft door after seeing Justin. EJ leaves, thinking he has Rafe's answer. Rafe tries to calm Gabi down. He'll take care of everything.

Sami winds up at work flashing back to kissing Rafe. She tells her secretary to put all calls from Rafe through and then decides to go see him in person.

EJ stops by Chad's place to tell him everything is under control. Chad says whatever is under control had better not get in the way of him and Melanie. Chad rants and raves and EJ promises to go fix it.

Rafe's fresh from the shower in a towel when Sami drops by all smiles. She confronts him about being distant earlier. She'd like to start over - altogether. Rafe tells her it's not going to work.

Adrienne goes home to tell Justin she defended Sonny and Will. He's surprised. Sonny watches as Adrienne admits she feels good about the boys. Sonny's proud and there are hugs all around.

Back at the square, Gabi almost bumps into Chad who is walking by with a mission. She hides.

EJ arrives on Daniel's doorstep to see Melanie but Daniel tells him she's already gone.

Sneak peek!

Nicole finds Rafe upset and wants to help.

As Jenn makes a call to a DNA lab...

Caroline confronts Roman.

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