At Daniel's, Melanie makes it clear she's heading to Europe alone. "I need time," she cries. Chad has a hard time coming to terms with her decision. She thinks he's being controlling and says she hasn't forgiven Gabi, either. What about him? She's not sure, which is why she's leaving. He asks, "Out of sight out of mind?" She shakes her head and cries, "Never." He'll wait for her. He walks out sadly.

In the woods, EJ tells Howard he doesn't want Rafe dead. He doesn't want to do this Stefano's way. He wants to discredit Rafe discreetly. He receives a call from a devastated Chad. They agree to meet.

At the cafe, Sami badgers Rafe about their date but he's distracted with thoughts of Gabi. He asks her to stop pushing and admits their kiss reminded him of all the incredible times they had but sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. "Sometimes it's not," she counters. He still doesn't trust her and isn't sure he ever will. She gets it and is sorry for breaking his heart. She takes off and he calls Justin for a meeting.

Will and Sonny attempt to study at the square. Will waggles his eyebrows and motions Sonny to come closer. They wind up in a kiss just as Lucas walks up. They canoodle and Lucas notices they're "studying." Lucas thinks Sonny could teach their Economics class considering he runs the cafe. Sonny dashes to work for an emergency and Will briefly explains his relationship with Sonny. It's awkward but Lucas is happy for him.

Marlena visits Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. He assures her he's fine though he misses Madi. Work keeps him busy. He's sorry for blaming everyone and thanks her for supporting him - even years ago when he was a jerk. He'll always be there for her and John. They hug.

At the pub, Gabi explains why she opened up to Nick about her crimes. He doesn't judge, though what she did was "kind of awful." Gabi worries about what'll happen and Nick tells her to stop acting guilty and let Rafe help her. As she agrees to stay away from Chad and Melanie, Mel walks up. Gabi apologizes. Melanie won't go to the police. She just doesn't care enough about her. Mel warns her that Chad's after her and then freezes her out. Mel apologizes to Nick for what Chad did. He plays it down. Melanie almost married someone she didn't know and wonders if she doesn't know herself. Nick blames himself. Melanie weeps as she remembers her past and how the Horton family made her feel like she was one of their own. Melanie asks him to lean on the Hortons before leaving.

Justin and Adrienne make-out at the square and spot Will. They rehash her concerns that Will will break Sonny's heart but she concedes that there's nothing they can do about it. Later, Rafe meets Justin to discuss Gabi.

EJ meets Chad at his place. Chad rants about his life and Gabi screwing things up. He wants Gabi to pay and for Melanie to stay in Salem. He asks EJ to help. Later, Chad mopes on the floor.

Sami and Lucas discuss the kids' colorings at Sami's. Lucas mentions he saw Sonny and Will kissing in public, "for everyone to see." Lucas admits he loves Will but maybe he needs time to get used to the public displays. Sami thinks he needs to find a way to get through this. They agree, the boys are good for each other.

Will stops by the cafe. Sonny watches while Adrienne apologizes to Will. He accepts and Sonny is thankful. Later, the guys discuss ditching study night and going to a movie. Sonny gives him a peck and Will leaves. Lucas confronts Adrienne and admits he's not sure she was wrong.

Justin meets Gabi in the woods by the square. She's about to tell him what she has done.

Will returns home to discuss how well things worked out with Sonny. He asks about Sami's date with Rafe. She admits Rafe said it meant nothing.

A smug EJ stops by Rafe's place as Rafe's looking at a drawing of the family from one of Sami's kids. EJ knows about Gabi's crimes and asks what they're going to do about it.

Sneak peek!

Sami confides in Will about Rafe.

EJ blackmails Rafe.

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