At home, Sami can't stop thinking about her goodnight kiss with Rafe and considers calling him.

Rafe sits at the loft and thinks about Sami. He considers calling but Gabi interrupts to confess her crimes. Rafe's speechless, which makes Gabi break down. Rafe loves her but it's a lot to take in. He refuses to allow her to turn herself in and takes a statement. He can tell she did nothing to help Andrew harm Melanie and convinces her not to tell anyone else.

EJ's in his office, thinking about Rafe and Sami going on a date. He gets on the phone and barks orders at someone about liquidating his assets in order to invest.

Maggie drops by Daniel's apartment. Melanie talks about needing space from Chad. Maggie gives her sound advice and takes the wedding paraphernalia away while Melanie orders breakfast since all they have is mustard and a grey apple.

With daggers in his eyes, Daniel drops by Chad's place and blasts him for beating Nick Fallon. Chad was just protecting Melanie which Daniel thinks sounds unbalanced. Daniel issues a warning for Chad to stay away from Mel and get professional help.

Roman meets with Hope and Bo at the pub. He needs an answer next week about his decision to stay or leave SPD. Caroline overhears. Bo and Hope snuggle and agree they'll figure this out. Hope leaves and Caroline questions Bo. Outside, Chad goes to Nick with an apology. Inside, Bo talks about needing a new challenge. Caroline understands. "You don't keep your blood going, you rot," she quips. She knows Roman will miss Bo but Hope and Ciara will be happy he's following his dream. Outside, Chad's apology ends up making Gabi look bad. She made things worse. Nick's incredulous he's blaming Gabi and would prefer nobody knows. Nick says to stay away from him and heads inside to tell Gabi about his run-in. Gabi tells him the truth. Nick thinks it's pretty bad but at least she owned up to it. Why's she telling him?

EJ heads off Sami at her place as she's on her way to "bump into" Rafe. EJ asks about her date and she admits there has always been something between them but last night with Rafe was different. It was like old times. EJ insists Rafe's not the same man she fell in love with. He won't forgive her for grief sex, either. He wants her the way she is - unlike Rafe. EJ teases her before kissing her forehead and leaving.

Daniel arrives home to see how Melanie's doing and tells her about his visit with Chad. They discuss breakfast and Daniel wonders how grey the apple is now. He gives her cell phone back and leaves. Chad shows up with an apology. He thinks they've still got a chance. Melanie's going to see her mom in England - alone.

Bo and Hope meet at the square before she goes off on a day trip with Ciara. They canoodle and he admits he's closer to knowing his decision.

At home, EJ stares at a family photo and flashes to telling Sami that Rafe has changed. It's about time he opened Sami's eyes. He calls an operative, Howard and asks him to take care of something for him.

From the cafe, Rafe is leaving a message for Justin when Sami walks in. She's miffed when he is distant with her.

EJ meets Howard in the woods. Rafael Hernandez is interfering with his family and it needs to stop. EJ grins when the man asks if he wants Rafe dead.

Sneak peek!

Rafe's still preoccupied with Gabi.

Lucas tells Sami he saw Will kissing Sonny.

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