Sami flashes to Marlena's advice while wandering the square with Rafe. She glances sideways as he puts his hand on the small of her back.

At Jenn's Nicole jokes with her active baby about needing a warm bath or a shot of vodka. She asks the baby to give her a break. Jenn walks up. Nicole's to move out once the baby's born. Nicole's miffed and wants all cards on the table. She brings up Daniel. Is Jenn going to be alright with him being around her? Jenn wants to stay out of their business and gives Nicole advice to calm the baby down before she goes.

Daniel and Maggie walk into the pub with Melanie's wedding shoes. They commiserate over how desperate the kids are acting. Maggie mentions Melanie's run-in with Nick and how she feels he's no longer a threat. Daniel calls Mel courageous. Maggie nods - like him. Daniel disagrees and flashes to Jenn blasting him for helping Nicole. Maggie leaves when Sami and Rafe arrive. Rafe goes to Daniel and asks him to check up on Nicole because EJ's giving her a hard time. When Daniel leaves, Rafe comments on her little purse. She didn't think she'd need cab fare. She asks after Nicole. Rafe's surprised. Sami's trying - she wouldn't wish an anthill to fall on her head while she's pregnant. Rafe smirks. Sami's happy for him, knowing he must be excited about his son. He'll be a great dad. Rafe feels guilty. "There's something I have to tell you..." She offers to help if he ever needs it. Rafe's surprised Sami has told EJ he's out of the picture. Sami babbles about being excited to meet his baby. Rafe grins, touched. Things get awkward.

At Daniel's, Gabi yells to Chad that she's not lying any longer. Melanie starts to go ballistic, thinking they were intimate. They deny it. Gabi says if she knew how much Chad loves Mel this wouldn't have happened. She tells Melanie Andrew wasn't a stalker and how she made it up and hired him. Melanie laughs incredulously as Gabi goes on. Chad's quick to tell Melanie he had no idea what was going on. Gabi tells the story and apologizes. Melanie cries and yells at her to get out. Gabi leaves in tears and Melanie guesses that Chad knew and kept it from her. Chad attempts an explanation. Melanie can't believe he was threatening Gabi. He'd have done that for the rest of their lives? He can't treat her like a wounded bird. They argue and she recoils at Chad's touch. She notices the blood on his hands and knows he hurt Nick. She starts to cry. He wanted to protect her. She cries that this isn't going to work and he sounds like all the stalkers, trying to protect and keep her... Chad's shocked. He starts to become emotional. She tells him there's no wedding.

Nick collapses into Maxine's arms at the hospital. He knows Maxine's a friend of Melanie's and mumbles that she has nothing to fear from him. Gabi arrives and Nick notes that she looks worse than him. She says nothing and they agree she'll take him home. Later, Maxine goes to Jennifer's office to ask if she sent a print job to the nurse's station. Maxine found a list of DNA labs. Jenn runs to grab them and isn't watching. She bumps right into Daniel. Their papers go flying and Daniel questions her after seeing them. She covers but Daniel knows what she's really doing and tells her to stay out of it.

Nick hangs his head as Maggie confronts him at home after seeing his face. Nick lies and says he fell but Maggie makes a fuss and soon discerns that it had to be Chad. She runs over to Daniel's. Nick questions Gabi on why she went to Melanie's today. Gabi told Melanie Chad beat him up and admits she needed to own up to being a rotten person, too. He's surprised. To him, she's a guardian angel.

Maggie walks into Daniel's place as Melanie's kicking Chad out. Melanie bawls on Maggie's shoulder. Daniel walks in and hugs Melanie.

Chad heads into his apartment in shock. He starts sniffing one of Melanie's sweaters.

Rafe walks Sami to her door after their date. She waits for a kiss but he only kisses her head and turns to the elevator. He returns with a passionate kiss.

Sneak peek!

Gabi confesses her crimes to her brother.

Sami jumps to conclusions about Rafe.

Daniel blasts Chad.

Melanie has decided to leave town.

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