At the square, Rafe admits to EJ that Sami's his date for the evening. Lucas and Kate browse the stores nearby and discuss Adrienne going after Will. Lucas is upset but has to dash to pick Allie up. EJ and Rafe start arguing and Kate gets in the way. Rafe leaves and though EJ's not interested in talking to Kate, they discuss Rafe and Sami's date. Kate warns that he should walk away. He knows but can't.

Sami picks up Nicole's cell phone from her floor and notices the photo of Nicole and Rafe in bed stamped with today's date. Nicole covers. It was taken the night 'this little one was cooked'. Sami's disgusted. Nicole flashes to creating it and Sami smells a set-up.

Maggie happily takes photos of Melanie in her wedding gown at Daniel's place and learns Melanie spoke with Nick. He has changed and she's no longer afraid of him. Mel says 'yes to the dress' but has no shoes so Maggie runs out to get some.

Chad sees Nick the woods with Melanie's scarf and goes on a rampage, kicking and beating on Nick until Nick's bloodied and close to unconsciousness. Gabi intervenes. Chad runs away and Gabi says he needs stitches. He refuses. He's on parole. Gabi takes him anyway.

Melanie lets Chad into Daniel's place. She yelps and covers her gown, then apologizes for leaving her cell at home. He shows her the scarf. She must have dropped it in the woods. She tells him about her encounter with Nick and changes. He stares at his bloodied fist and argues that Nick hasn't changed. He hugs her fiercely, making her wonder what's up.

Sami meets Marlena at the pub and Sami bursts to tell her that Rafe's coming around but Nicole's in the way. Sami explains what happened with the photo and rolls her eyes about sharing Rafe with Nicole as a parent. Marlena points out that she has done it before and is being hypocritical and a little selfish. It didn't occur to Sami until now that Nicole's child will need a solid father figure and a mother figure. Sami would like to think she could give this child that.

Rafe visits Nicole at Jenn's. She admits she Photoshopped a photo of them in bed together and showed it to Sami in the hopes that EJ will believe they had sex. Rafe's face falls and Nicole laughs about Sami's reaction. Rafe's upset that she threw him under the bus. Nicole's shocked that he has a date with Sami. She apologizes. If she had known, she'd have talked to him about it first. What can she do to help? Rafe's not sure. He looks at his phone and notices Sami hasn't cancelled. She tells him good luck. He'd like to see the photo but she laughingly refuses.

Sonny and Will kiss outside the pub. Sonny's incredulous that Will didn't pull back. They wander over to the cafe so Sonny can check on a shipment and discuss their date. They hold hands and talk about who pays when two guys go out. They agree to make up the rules as they go. Will admires all that Sonny does with school and running the cafe. Sonny encourages Will to talk to him if he ever has doubts again. They pinky swear not to keep secrets. Lucas walks in on a kiss and takes a deep breath and walks out.

Gabi gets Nick to the hospital to see Kayla. He's surprised Gabi stood up for him and explains why he had Melanie's scarf and tells Gabi a talk with Melanie went well. Gabi and Nick share a moment when Kayla walks in. Nick lies about who hit him and she sews him up. Nick's thankful to her and Caroline for giving him the job. He talks about taking responsibility for what he has done. Gabi runs out. Kayla won't let him pay for the examination, remembering he saved her life when she was exposed to bio-toxins.

Gabi arrives at Daniel's place to tell Melanie Chad beat Nick to a pulp today. Chad stammers and tries to downplay the beating. Melanie wants to know why he didn't say anything. "Cause he doesn't tell you things?" Gabi says. She starts to tell her the truth...

Rafe goes to Sami for their date and she slams the door in his face. He walks up from a fantasy and Sami opens her front door dressed for their date, with her little purse.

Sneak peek!

Maggie and Daniel comfort Mel.

Rafe and Sami go on their date.

Rafe's moved when Sami says touching words.

Rafe almost blows his secret.

Jenn gives Nicole the boot.

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