Still at the square, Rafe says he's not sure how he feels about Sami. She asks him to dinner to talk - no strings. He can't give that to her right now. Nearby, Billie bothers EJ about how Sami has a way of holding on to a guy's heart for years which defies logic. She doesn't want Allie and Will getting caught in the crossfire. EJ assures her he has given up on fighting with Rafe. Nearby, Sami continues trying to convince Rafe to dine with her. He refuses and walks off. Billie tries her hand at being a psychologist and says Sami needs a white knight. He's not it. Later, Rafe wanders and flashes back to his conversation with Sami. He walks back to her and accepts her dinner plans. "Once." Rafe browses the stores and bumps into EJ. They rehash their Sami argument and EJ wonders about Nicole's baby and what Nicole is to him. He notes that they weren't even a couple. Rafe takes a call confirming his reservation. EJ's interest is piqued.

Nicole dreams EJ interferes with her quiet time with her baby. She wakes up at Jenn's and ponders calling her kid D.R. but doesn't want her son's name to remind her of 'he who shall not be named'. She babbles to her kid while folding laundry and comes up with an idea to force EJ to believe the kid is Rafe's. She snaps a few shots of her in bed and Photoshops Rafe in beside her. She thanks Eric Brady for teaching her how to use Photoshop.

Adrienne spots Maggie at the cafe. Maggie's in a mood and blames Adrienne for helping her take a flying leap into a disaster. Adrienne's confused until Maggie fills her in on everything. Sonny watches as Adrienne recalls taking a long time to marry Justin and now wishes she wasn't so hesitant. Maggie knows Mel has a good head on her shoulders. Adrienne says the harder she pushed the more her kids would do the opposite of what she wanted. Maggie grins. Her kids were the same. They agree they need to let the kids take over their own lives. Maggie leaves and Sonny walks over and apologizes for eavesdropping and guesses Alex got back together with the girl with the 80 tattoos. Adrienne says 'no' and apologizes to him after explaining why Will broke their date. He runs off to find Will.

Chad arrives home with flowers for Mel. She's gone out without her cell so he gets paranoid, swears and then runs off after her.

Melanie stops Nick outside the square. She knows their paths will cross and doesn't want to spend the rest of her life worried about him. "So you've come to face your demon head on." Mel asks if he has changed and apologizes for leading him on but he takes responsibility for everything. He's not that guy anymore. He asks if she can trust that. They both agree she's strong and Melanie hopes this will make her feel more comfortable. She shakes his hand and they wish each other the best. She leaves her scarf behind as she goes and Nick finds it.

At the pub, Will gets a message from Sonny regarding their broken date. Marlena asks, "Is that your new dog whistle ring, the kind I can't hear?" He seems tense and admits what he overheard. She tells him he is good enough but Will says he's just like Sami. Marlena reminds him she's Sami's mom. "I must have really messed up," she says, grinning. She calls him his own man. He's a good man and a good speller. They share a laugh but Will says what goes on in his head isn't okay. Chad turns up and a waitress tells him she saw Nick going for a walk. He runs off. Marlena continues to commiserate with Will. She encourages him to return the guy's phone call. He won't do it. Sonny rushes in, saying there's been a misunderstanding. Marlena runs away and the boys go outside. Sonny knows what his mom said. Will plays dumb. Sonny said she doesn't know Will the way he does. He leans in and they kiss.

Maggie meets the dress designer at Daniel's place since there's bad karma at the Kiriakis mansion. Mel arrives late to try on her dress and tells Maggie everything will be fine with Chad and Nick.

Nicole arrives at Sami's place with divorce paperwork for EJ. Sami doesn't want it. Nicole "accidentally" drops her purse and Sami spots the photo of Rafe and Nicole in bed on her cell. "What the hell is this?" Sami asks.

Chad sees Nick in the woods with Melanie's scarf and starts beating him.

Sneak peek!

Sami reacts poorly to seeing the photo of Nicole and Rafe in bed together.

Sami goes to Marlena for advice and Marlena asks her to be more forgiving.

Sami sets aside her concerns.

Chad continues his attack on Nick.

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