At his place, Chad shocks Melanie when he asks her to leave Salem. She knows this is about Nick. He wants to protect her. She says Andrew wasn't his fault. Chad flashes to Gabi yelling that Andrew could have been stopped if Chad had came out and told Gabi he'd never love her. Melanie says the past is in the past and opens a present. A scarf. She loves it. He takes off after a text from Sonny.

Hope finds Bo at the pub making a list of alternative ideas for work. They're all investigative or security related. She finds it a bore. She shows him an article in a magazine about a correlation between men finding their bliss and living longer lives. Abe and Theo walk in. Theo finds Nick, who tries to introduce himself but Abe drags Theo away.

Rafe walks up to Gabi at the cafe. Gabi notices his facial bruising and he says it's courtesy of EJ. She deduces that this is over Sami and knows he was the happiest he has ever been when they were together.

Lucas arrives at Sami's with Allie's backpack. He asks her to keep the drama to a minimum while Allie's there. He's referring to the fight EJ and Rafe had about her. She denies it being about her. He laughs and tells her he knows what he saw and that she can't stand to be alone. "You're scared, aren't you?" Arguing commences. He assures her he's not remotely interested in her anymore. She rolls her eyes. "Oh yeah, you're breaking my heart." Lucas says this isn't a ploy. Sami stops him and asks if guys really claim they're not interested when they are. Lucas scoffs and walks out.

At home, Brady and Victor learn that Melanie wants to marry Chad DiMera. "Has she lost her mind?" Victor asks Maggie. Maggie can't interfere but admits she doesn't like it. Victor tries to make a call to end this but Maggie stops him. Brady will try to talk sense into Chad and she'll go to Mel.

Kate walks down the stairs at the square while chatting on the phone about spreading rumors online. She bumps into Sami and gossips about the conditions of her overseas factories. Rafe walks up and overhears Kate say there will be an investigation into labor law violations. Sami's disturbed. Kate says it's all over the internet. Rafe says rumors can circle around to CW. She should be worried. Rumors are a lot more traceable than people think. Kate walks off and calls someone to change tactics. She tells them to 'delete the postings'. Sami thanks Rafe and assumes this means he still cares about her. Rafe sniffs. Sami wants to discuss feelings. He thought he'd never get over what she did but now... "I don't know." Sami asks for time to talk it out. See where it goes.

Chad meets Brady at the cafe. Sonny sent the text for Brady who wants to discuss the wedding. Chad gets on edge and lashes out about Brady not being there for Madison when she died. Brady barks out a warning and Chad shakes and stammers an apology. He blames Nick and Brady asks him to slow things down.

Maggie visits Melanie at Chad's place to discuss the pushed up wedding date and Nick. Melanie yells that she's tired of defending herself to her grandmother and everyone else who claims to love her. Maggie feels bad and promises to be supportive.

Nick's on his way out when Gabi arrives to the pub. Nearby, Abe tells Hope and Bo he's heading up a committee helping rebuild areas trashed in the Daysaster. Abe thinks it'll be a huge loss if Bo leaves SPD. He and Theo leave and Bo decides to read Hope's article about 'pursuing your dreams'. Afterward, he writes his dreams on paper. They're less frustrating than his SPD job.

Kate arrives at Victor's. He's annoyed. Kate wants help in crushing CW and Sami Brady. She can see he's in a mood so he tells her about Melanie and Chad. She realizes Maggie won't allow him to take care of this with one phone call. "That woman can be such a goody two-shoes." Maggie arrives and having overheard, gives Kate 10 seconds to leave. Once she's gone, Victor says he can explain. Maggie doesn't need an explanation. She loves him and asks him to quit while he's ahead.

Nick wanders the woods where Melanie finds him. She wants to talk.

Sneak peek!

Melanie is convinced Nick's not a threat.

Nick is found by Chad holding Mel's new scarf.

Chad violently attacks Nick.

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