At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady tells Kate he's on board with using one of Madison's ideas. Kate says they just need to focus on destroying the competition - and his stepsister. Brady asks for clarification. Kate says she will take Sami down in business. Brady agrees she needs to pay for her bad choices.

At home, Sami demands to know who put the idea in Will's head that he's not good enough. Will refers to a 'she', and Sami realizes it was Adrienne. "That bitch!" Will says even as a kid he colored outside the lines and reminds Sami that he blackmailed and lied. Sami defends him, but he says he even mistreated her.

Outside the pub, Chad watches Gabi talking to Nick and imagines they're plotting. He confronts Gabi, who says they just dropped some dishes. Chad says they're obsessed with him and Melanie. Nick intervenes. Chad accuses Nick of stalking Melanie again. Caroline appears and sends Nick to the kitchen. Chad asks how she could hire that psycho. Caroline says it's not his business and advises him to avoid Nick and Gabi. Chad tells Gabi to watch her step as he leaves. Gabi gets a text from Melanie - she's worried about Chad. Caroline calls to complain about not receiving a shipment, and Gabi has to remind her she got it that morning. Caroline, still flustered, tells Nick next time Chad comes around to walk away. She blames him for the broken dishes. He apologizes. Gabi asks why he took the blame when it was her fault.

At the hospital, Jennifer tells Daniel she knows he's been lying about Nicole's baby. He calmly asks what she's heard. She says she overheard EJ and then confronted Nicole, who denied it. She hisses at him about risking his medical license for Nicole. Daniel says it's not black and white. She wonders how he can do to EJ what Chloe did to him. Daniel says he has to go. Jennifer warns him EJ is taking legal action and again asks why he's willing to jeopardize himself for Nicole. Daniel excuses himself. Jenn cries. Brady appears and asks what's going on. She talks about how she's judging people and finding it hard to forgive. Brady wonders if she really needs this person in her life.

At the house, Nicole tells Abigail that her mother is accusing her of things that are untrue. She says Jennifer is clearly going through a lot and suggests that Abigail not spread anything her mother says about her. Abigail says they're not on the same page, not even in the same book. Nicole brings up Cameron, suggesting Abby confide in her. Abigail leaves the room. Nicole calls someone about Jennifer. Daniel arrives. She asks if Jennifer knows about the cover-up. He says it's worse than that. They discuss the situation. Nicole worries about Jenn having access to the records - she could expose them. Daniel can't forget the look on Jenn's face. Nicole asks if he's having second thoughts due to her disapproval. Daniel says he has to go. Nicole stomps on a photo of Jenn.

Will runs into Kate in the park and tells her he's miserable because he's a loser. Kate says anything can be fixed. Will shakes his head - his life is a train wreck. He feels he should embrace it and carry on the family legacy of misery.

In the cafe, Adrienne enthuses over Melanie's engagement ring and offers to help her get a dress made. Adrienne returns Sonny's phone and tells him she's happy he and Will worked things out. He doesn't buy it - he has a voicemail from Will canceling their date. He asks her, "Happy now?" Adrienne leaves and is confronted by Sami, who says Will overheard her telling Justin he wasn't good enough for Sonny. Sami insists she apologize to Will. Katie appears and joins the attack. Adrienne refuses to take it back because every word was true. She cites Sami's bad influence on Will. Kate defends Sami and says she has no right to weigh Will down with their baggage. Adrienne is convinced Will will break Sonny's heart. Sami says she's dead wrong. Adrienne takes off leaving Kate to tell Sami this doesn't change anything - she still plans to bury her.

Abby joins Melanie in the cafe and talks about wedding dresses. Cameron enters. Abby reflects on not being ready for a relationship. Melanie says it's a two-way street.

In his room, Chad thinks about the pub and says he knows Nick and Gabi are lying. He looks at a photo of Melanie and promises he won't let them hurt her again. Melanie comes in and he tells her they should leave Salem.

Back home, Sami shows Will his old coloring pages - he learned how to color inside the lines, and will keep on learning.

Sneak Peek!

Sami tells Lucas that both Rafe and EJ have backed off but he reminds her he has no interest in rekindling anything.

Gabi tells Rafe he was the happiest when he was with Sami.

Maggie faces Victor and Brady, who both disapprove of Melanie and Chad marrying.

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