Sami's calls EJ from home and they agree to meet. Will comes in wearing his new jacket. He looks very happy and announces he has a date. Sami asks him to pick up Brady's Cub tickets for Johnny.

At the cafe, Sonny gets EJ coffee while EJ teases Chad about how he looks. Chad hasn't had much sleep because Nick's working at the Brady pub. He brings up Gabi's misdeeds in a vague way, never mentioning her name. EJ suggests he deal with her.

At Chad's place, Daniel gasps after hearing the wedding date has been pushed up to two weeks from now. He repeats how he feels this is a reaction to Nick sticking around Salem. It's not the time to make a major life decision. Melanie disagrees and the arguing begins.

Gabi and Nick are working at the pub when Abigail shows up to ask Gabi to help her plan the wedding for Chad and Melanie. Nick assures Abigail that Melanie doesn't have to fear him. It'll be a relief to see Melanie happy. Abby practically has to force Gabi to leave to make wedding plans.

At Jenn's Nicole ponders the conversation she overheard EJ and Justin having when Jenn blasts Nicole about having EJ's baby and using Rafe and Daniel to help her conceal it. Nicole reminds Jenn of her own misdeeds and tells her to 'shut up' and 'back off'. Jenn thinks she's holding something over Daniel's head. Nicole uses this opportunity to let it slip that Daniel made love to her, making Jenn's jaw drop. Jenn doesn't believe Rafe had sex with her and thinks Nicole seduced Daniel and convinced him to keep her "dirty little secret."

At Chad's, Melanie becomes emotional as she and Daniel debate her marrying Chad. He leaves once Abby and Gabi show up. Abigail wonders if they should delay the wedding. "You too? Is nobody happy that I'm getting married?" Melanie whines. The girls are supportive and start leafing through magazines. Melanie asks Gabi to promise to tell her if Nick does something to make her nervous like she did with Andrew. Gabi huffs and wants to discuss Andrew, but Melanie asks to delay it.

Will turns up at the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson lets him in and goes off to get the Cubs tickets. Will is crushed when he overhears an argument in the other room. Adrienne counts all the reasons why her son shouldn't get involved with Will while Justin disagrees. Henderson returns with the tickets and Will takes them and dashes off.

Sami meets EJ at the square. She feels terrible about his fight with Rafe. He insists it was not about her and wants to move on. Sami admits she changed her mind about seeing if they have a future together. She's confused and says it's nothing Rafe said. It was Kate, who told her she careens from man to man. Sami doesn't want to do that anymore. "I just want to focus on my kids and my career." EJ isn't happy but coldly agrees that it's what he's going to focus on as well. Later, Justin meets EJ to discuss his case against Nicole. Justin thinks he's going to go to a lot of trouble for nothing. EJ disagrees. This is going to pay off handsomely.

From the hospital, Daniel leaves Chad a message detailing how he thinks the marriage to his daughter is a mistake. He'd like to meet. Maxine talks to Daniel about a welcome back party for Jennifer. He refuses to go.

At the cafe, Sonny happily tells Chad he's dating Will tonight. Chad's surprised but as long as they're happy, it's fine with him. Chad groans about his own issues and then stares at old newspaper articles online of Nick stalking Melanie. Melanie arrives later, but Sonny tells her Chad has left.

Back at the Horton home, Nicole lashes out at Jennifer for stringing Daniel along. Nicole reminds her she was the one there for Daniel after Lexi's death, and the one who he spoke with about not being a surgeon anymore. Jennifer yells that Nicole had no idea how painful it was to decide between the two men and thinks Nicole's a 'cheap hateful tramp'. Abigail rushes in wanting to know what the hell is going on. Jenn takes off for work. Nicole asks Abigail to find a way to help Jennifer from lashing out in anger with everyone.

Gabi arrives back at the pub and tries to help Nick bust tables, but instead accidentally busts the plates. They joke and laugh about it as Chad walks up to the pub door and imagines them conspiring against Melanie.

Will arrives home and breaks his date with Sonny. He lies about the reason and Sami questions him. After some prodding, Will says he's not good enough for Sonny.

Back at the hospital, Maxine offers to change the date of Jenn's party but Daniel says it won't help. Jenn arrives and tells him she can't believe he'd let Nicole jeopardize his career.

Sneak peek!

Chad's paranoia grows so much he picks a fight with Nick.

Nick and Gabi acknowledge their friendship.

Jenn confronts Daniel about the DNA switch.

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