Hope brings Jennifer a plant to the hospital. Jenn says she needs to talk to Daniel, explaining that she yelled at him. Hope soothes that he knows what she's going through. They debate whether Daniel is thinking about Jenn romantically again. Jenn flashes to Nicole warning her not to play mindgames. Elsewhere, Nicole tells Daniel she's naming the baby after him and kisses him. Daniel tells her to stop and warns he may never be able to commit to a relationship. Nicole says being with him made sense to her. Daniel tells her she'll have a great life, but he likely won't be a part of it. Nicole asks why he's upset. Daniel says he feels Melanie's engagement to Chad may be a reaction to Nick going free. Jenn enters. Nicole says it's a private conversation, but Daniel says they're done. He gets paged. Nicole tells Jenn that Daniel was confiding in her. Jenn says she's surprised Daniel would trust her. Nicole says things change. Jenn whispers, "You don't." Later, Jenn finds Daniel and apologizes for snapping at him before - he was being a friend. Daniel says it's fine and they joke around.

Bo arrives at Sami's place with papers for her to sign regarding the kids. He comments about the way she lives her life and they bicker about her helping EJ. She walks out.

In the square, EJ tells Rafe to leave Sami alone. Rafe tells him to go to hell and a fistfight ensues. John and Lucas appear on the scene and ponder selling tickets to EJ getting his butt kicked. John reluctantly decides to break it up. Rafe says he won't press charges - EJ will self-destruct on his own. John chides EJ for making an ass of himself in public and getting it kicked.

In the cafe, Sonny tells Justin that he and Brian have never been more than friends - he's in a good mood because of Will. Justin wonders if Adrienne and Sami know. Sonny says if Sami's not cool with it that's her problem. He adds that Adrienne wasn't thrilled because Will has baggage. Justin jokes that they came from serene families with no baggage. They laugh. Justin says Adrienne's only looking out for him. Sonny says his relationship with Will won't be boring. Justin takes a call from EJ - he wants to see him now.

Rafe runs into Sami outside the pub. She questions the blood on his face. He shrugs that he got in a fight with EJ and John broke it up. Sami asks what they were fighting about? Rafe denies it was about her - EJ just wasn't getting what he wanted. She wonders if EJ picked up that things have changed between them since Rafe kissed her. Rafe says the kiss was stupid and meant nothing.

At the station, Roman tells Bo there will be layoffs and pay cuts due to budget constraints. Bo tells him not to worry about it. Hope is the next to get the news. Roman tells her Bo already knows.

Bo reads his pay cut papers in the square. Hope joins him and jokes that she'll take in laundry so they can get by. Bo thinks she's not taking this seriously. She assures him they'll roll with this punch. Hope says she gets more from the job than money. Bo doesn't feel exactly the same way. He recalls sailing around the world with Shawn Douglas and thinks Ciara deserves that too. Hope wants him to stay that guy, and he thanks her for not saying 'mid-life crisis'. He talks about not being excited about going to work and dealing with the DiMeras. Hope wants him to be happy. He says they'll figure it out.

Lucas meets Kate in the cafe and tells her the fight between EJ and Rafe was about Sami. Kate complains about Lucas defending Sami. He says he doesn't a flying euphemism what she does to Sami, but she needs to leave his kids out of it.

In a hospital office, Justin meets EJ, who says this is about justice being served. EJ gives him a retainer to represent him. He tells Justin he wants a paternity test when Nicole's baby is born to prove that Rafe is not the father of Nicole's baby - he is. He also wants to prove conspiracy against Dr. Daniel Jonas' for switching the results and blow his career sky high. Jenn overhears.

Nicole opens the door of the house to Daniel. He tells her she's a great friend and he will do everything to keep EJ from learning the truth. Nicole says this could get complicated with Melanie marrying Chad. Daniel says he'll worry about that. He goes. Nicole tells the baby he wanted to see her - this is far from over. She thinks it could be and baby makes three. "Even if I have to run Snow White over with my car."

Sneak Peek!

Jenn is concerned after hearing EJ's threats about Rafe lying that he's Nicole's baby daddy.

Nicole reveals to Jenn that she and Daniel had sex.

Abby worries about Jenn's bursts of anger since Jack's death.

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