At the Horton house, Nicole teases Jenn about meeting Brady. Jenn sees right through her, knowing that Nicole is trying to keep her mind off of Daniel. Nicole brings up Jenn playing mind games again and Jenn leaves, exasperated. Nicole comes up with another plan.

At the hospital, Daniel overhears Anne in PR, assigning Jennifer a crappy office in the basement. Maxine smirks as Daniel goes off on Anne, telling her to change it. Jenn shows up for work later and hears what Anne did and how Daniel defended Jenn. She wishes Daniel hadn't done that and tells him she can handle herself. He tells her it's duly noted and goes to work. Maxine's been eavesdropping and asks if Jenn's crazy! Jenn thinks Daniel crossed a line.

Near the square, Chad threatens to tell Melanie the truth about Gabi. Gabi warns that if Melanie hears the truth, it'll be worse for him for covering it up. They start arguing about whose fault it is that Nick's out and Gabi blasts Chad for not even noticing that she was into him. He counters that if he had, he'd have noticed what a nut job she is. "This is not all on me," Gabi retorts. She'd have moved on if he told her he would never love her.

Melanie goes to Maggie at the mansion to share her wedding news. Maggie worries this is about Nick. Mel whines that she just wants a real and honest relationship. Melanie says Carly and Max are happy and will show up for the wedding. Maggie hugs her. She's happy for Mel and relaxes after hearing that there'll be a long engagement. Melanie leaves and Nicole shows up, looks around, and asks if the Warden's there. Maggie laughs and lets her in. Nicole lets on how concerned she is for Jennifer being under pressure and overwhelmed. Maggie should take Jenn away! Maggie will leave it up to Jenn and shows Nicole the door. Nicole mutters about what a waste of time that was, once outside, and worries about Daniel and Jenn working closely together.

At the cafe, Sonny is happy to hear Will's interested in him. Will admits when he tried to tell him earlier, he saw him with Brian. "That's when I really messed things up," Will says, flashing to Gabi-sex. Sonny's surprised that Will thought Sonny was out of his league. They hold hands and grin as they agree to take things slowly and not put a label on what they have.

After Rafe flashes to kissing Sami and throws things across his office, he calls himself an idiot. Brady walks in and Rafe admits he kissed Sami. "She's reckless," Rafe exclaims, but what's he to do? "Let her self-destruct with the jerk?" Rafe calls Ejami toxic and insists he's not getting involved. Brady raises an eyebrow. Rafe admits he cares.

At Sami's, EJ's excited for their date but Sami informs him she can't go and makes up an excuse. EJ knows she's lying and Sami admits this is about Rafe. EJ goes nuts, wishing she wouldn't have let Rafe in. Sami explains she couldn't just shut him out. Things calm down and EJ decides they can have their date another time. He gets outside and starts punching the elevator. Brady shows up and Sami's ticked off at him. They decide to shelve their Kate discussion and Brady brings up Rafe.

Will heads into the pub where Gabi's reading bridal magazines for Melanie. He's surprised she's a bridesmaid. Gabi snaps that she has moved on. Will shares that he and Sonny are into each other and Gabi squees!

At Chad's, he and Melanie discuss Maggie's thoughts that their wedding plans are a reaction to Nick staying in Salem. Neither admits this is true but Melanie seems far away, when they hug. Melanie starts in on how happy she is with the most "amazing and honest man."

Nicole turns up at the hospital and overhears Maxine and Jenn discussing Daniel standing up for Jennifer. Nic finds Daniel and wants to take him for coffee but he seems distant. By the hub, Jenn apologizes for being so crabby about Daniel helping her. Her new office is fantastic. Jenn wants to apologize to Daniel, too. In the doctor's lounge, Daniel talks about something 'throwing him' earlier but he's fine. Nicole puts Daniel's hand on her belly and shares her kid's name with him. He is touched and hugs her. She wants her baby to know how much she cares for him. They start making out.

Rafe and EJ bump into each other at the square. EJ tells Rafe not to cross him and Rafe snorts, "Get a life." EJ wants Rafe to have a look at his divorce paperwork and orders Rafe to get out of their lives. Rafe's suggestion is for EJ to go to hell.

Sneak peek!

EJ goes to Justin to discuss getting a DNA test.

EJ vows to destroy Rafe's career if he finds out Rafe has anything to do with switching DNA tests.

Sami and Bo have it out.

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