In Sami's doorway, Rafe observes that she's obviously got plans with EJ. He calls her a fool, and tells her she shouldn't be with anyone. They go inside, bickering about what he meant. Rafe says he was thinking about the kids. Sami doesn't see what's so bad about getting back with their dad. Rafe tells her if she gets back with EJ those kids don't have a chance. Sami says EJ loves them. Rafe reminds her he kidnapped Sydney. She calls that 'no longer relevant'. They bicker heatedly. Sami wonders why he's being so relentless - she thinks it's about them. Rafe angrily says she's not sure about EJ either, noting she's got her big purse with everything in it because she can't completely trust him. Rafe says she can do better than EJ. She asks who? How? He walks to the door to leave, but turns back, grabs Sami, and kisses her passionately. He then walks out.

In the square, Tad reluctantly confirms to Will that Sonny said he's into him, but that Sonny doesn't believe Will feels the same. Will wants details. Tad admits he heard Brian hit on Sonny, but he froze him out because of being interested in Will.

Gabi chats to Nick in the pub, but balks when he introduces himself by name. She lets him know she's a friend of Melanie's. Nick says it was a condition of his parole to stay there. Gabi believes he doesn't want to make Melanie's life difficult, and is fine with him working there since Mrs. Brady hired him. Bo comes in and speaks to Nick briefly. Caroline tells Bo she's not in the mood for a lecture. Bo hugs her and says she's quite a woman.

At Chad's room, he tells Melanie he got her a balloon bouquet because he knows she didn't get birthday parties as a child. She marvels that he listened to her. EJ arrives with champagne and takes in the flowers. He asks if they've set a date, which makes Mel laugh. EJ makes a toast to his brother and his bride-to-be. Chad asks EJ to be his best man. EJ blurts, "Yes!" Chad says he'll return the favor at his next wedding. EJ hints to keep his calendar open. Later, Melanie calls Abigail, who says Cameron broke up with her. Melanie says she's on her way.

At the cafe, Adrienne doesn't react well when Sonny tells her he's interested in Will. Adrienne says he's sweet, but he comes with a lot of baggage. Sonny protests. She tells him he's making excuses for Will, and he counters that she does the same about Victor. Adrienne acknowledges it, and says that's why she hoped Sonny would choose a less complicated route. Sonny gently says she must stay out of his love life. Adrienne apologizes. Sonny tells her Will's not interested in him anyway. She says that's Will's loss. Later, Will enters and as he's trying to tell Sonny he likes him, Chad interrupts to share his engagement news. He asks if they'll stand up for him, but then leaves abruptly when Will mentions Gabi. Will takes another shot at talking to Sonny, but the phone rings. After the call, Will tells him that neither of them have a love life for the same reason - they've more in common than they thought.

Melanie is seated on Abigail's sofa when Gabi enters, ranting about Cameron breaking up with her. She stops short when she sees Melanie. Abigail says she thought she'd tell them both at the same time and turns her attention to Mel's engagement ring. Gabi awkwardly says she's happy for her. Mel asks Abigail to be her maid of honor. She accepts. Melanie then asks Gabi to be her bridesmaid. Gabi stammers and agrees. Chad shows up and Melanie tells him both girls will be in their wedding. Chad says needs to go over some contracts with Gabi. They leave. Outside, he angrily confronts Gabi about agreeing to stand up for Melanie. He says there is no way she'll be in their wedding.

EJ enters the pub and orders coffee. Bo says to make sure he pays. EJ wonders if he wants to make another false arrest. They trade mocking insults. EJ keeps smiling. Bo asks why he's in such a good mood and warns him they'll be watching him. EJ chuckles about the waste of resources. Bo says it's an investment in the future and calls him a corrupt politician. EJ insists he's focusing on his family. Later, Nick takes out the garbage and runs into Abigail and Melanie admiring her ring. He gets out of their way. The girls decide to go elsewhere.

EJ arrives at Sami's door and she seems surprised to see him. He wonders if she was expecting someone else, and then asks if she's ready to go.

Rafe arrives at the station flashing to kissing Sami and mocks himself. "I know exactly what I'm doing!"

Sneak Peek!

Nicole, hating the idea of Jennifer and Daniel working together, does what she can to derail them from getting any closer.

Chad threatens to expose Gabi for what she did to Melanie if she doesn’t get herself out of the wedding.

Gabi finally stands up for herself, telling Chad that if he does tell Melanie the truth, it’ll inevitably come out that he’s known for a while and kept it from her.

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