Sami runs into Will at the square. She has a gift for him at her place and brings up EJ's resignation. Will's shocked. He asks if she's getting back together with him. She calls him smart and he counters that she's transparent. Doesn't she remember their disastrous relationship in the past? Sami thinks he makes a good point. This shocks Will even more.

EJ makes romantic plans on the phone outside the pub. He walks inside and overhears Jennifer tell her dad over the phone that Nicole's living with her. He interrupts and warns her to up her disaster insurance. She wants him to stay away from her house and Nicole and reminds him the baby isn't his. She leaves and EJ calls Justin for legal advice concerning Nicole's baby.

Rafe visits Nicole at the Horton home and learns her baby's a boy and he'll be named "Daniel Rafael Hernandez." Rafe's honored but thinks it'll make EJ suspicious. She talks about her clarity for her feelings for Daniel but that he doesn't have the same clarity. She opens up about Jennifer being back on Daniel's radar. Rafe suggests she tell Daniel her feelings. She asks him to take his own advice and tell Sami how he feels. Nicole gags to see them together but she cares for Rafe and wants his happiness. "There is no there there," Rafe insists.

Daniel orders coffee for Melanie at Sonny's cafe, as he calls Mel.

At home, Melanie reads a romantic note Chad left for her when she receives a hang-up call which disturbs her. Daniel calls and tells her he's on his way over. A knock comes and they both panic. She finds Brady at the door. She rambles on about Nick and Chad being overprotective. She hides her ring from Brady and wants everyone to back off.

Back at the coffee house, Adrienne sees Daniel and brings up Chad being a good business partner to her son even though he's a DiMera. Daniel gives her his condolences for her brother's death. Later, EJ walks in and orders daffodils. He talks to Justin about Nicole again until Billie barges in to ask if he's still interested in Nicole. EJ isn't interested in confiding in Billie. He's tying up legal loose ends. She asks who the daffodils are for but he doesn't answer. He leaves and Adrienne talks to Sonny about meeting a boy. He tells her he's interested in Will, and her face falls.

Sami and Will arrive home. Sami tells him her family has always been her first priority. Will points out that things have been revolving around what EJ's doing. Will thinks EJ's a good person and he's coming around to the idea of Ejami. He opens his gift, which is a sport jacket he admired recently at a store. They talk about how 'all over the map' she has been with men lately. She flashes to Rafe and agrees. Will asks, "Can you be sure this time?" Sami switches gears and asks about his love life but he tells her 'that department is closed'. Will leaves and Rafe shows up. He notices she's dressed for a date with EJ but EJ's not the man for her.

Daniel walks into Melanie's place with her soy product and they immediately argue about how she's doing. He spots the engagement ring and asks what in the hell she's thinking. "It's impulsive and it reminds me of Philip," Daniel growls. He knows Melanie only said yes to Chad's proposal as a reaction to seeing Nick at Maggie's. Melanie asks him to simply congratulate her. He concedes. If she's happy, so is he.

Brady holds a giant pretzel and stares at a flyer for a bereavement group he's late for. Jenn rushes into the square and sees his flyer. They're both late for this group but neither wants to focus on their loss. Instead, they share the pretzel and discuss how best to eat it. They discuss Melanie and Jenn thinks Nick has changed. They decide to meet next week, same time. Nearby, Nicole spies them and grins.

Will drops by the pub to pick up take-out. Tad stops him. "What is this a gay bar now?" Will tells him to go away. Tad acknowledges how rough he was on him. Tad brings up Sonny being into Will.

Sneak peek!

Rafe pulls Sami into a searing kiss.

Adrienne explains that while she adores Will, she feels like he comes with too much baggage.

Chad picks his best man.

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