At the Horton homestead, Jenn is shocked Abigail is a virgin. Abby gets defensive and argues that Jenn never notices anything about her, nor does she care. Jenn figured Abigail already had sex because she has had a lot of boyfriends. Abby's embarrassed and stomps up the stairs.

At the hospital, Daniel feels Nicole's baby kick. Brady interrupts and Daniel leaves. Brady can tell she's got it bad for the good doctor! This always ends up in disaster and Daniel's not in a place to give her a commitment. Brady asks her to be careful. She promises if he'll promise to take care of himself. They hug.

Sami sits at the town square thinking of Rafe. She is about to call him but 'it won't work'. Kate stops by and reminds Sami nothing ever works for her. Sami taunts Kate about running CW and they bicker until Kate goes to find Billie. Did Billie see Kate talking to Sami? "No, I was grinding her to fine powder."

Chad finds EJ outside the Coffee Bean. He's disappointed EJ resigned as mayor and asks for help in finding Stefano. He needs protection for Mel. He confesses he asked Mel to marry him and asks what EJ knows about Nick. EJ calls Nick brilliant and dangerous.

Melanie is upset to find Nick at Maggie's. Maggie explains she meant to call and tell her Nick lives there. Nick leaves them alone and Maggie explains. Melanie pretends everything is fine and runs away while Maggie huffs, puffs, tears up and stomps her foot. Nick returns and worries Melanie won't feel free to stop by spur of the moment. That's something else he has taken from her. He heads into town to find a job.

Jenn heads to the park to sob over Abigail. Daniel's strolling by and hands her a yellow napkin and asks her to open up. She talks about her rage and brings up single parenting and sobs. Nicole walks up unseen and hears Daniel's concerns about Jenn taking on too much by letting Nicole move in. Jenn denies this. She didn't mind since he and Maggie were in a bind. "Me?" Jenn says obviously he cares for Nicole. Nicole chooses that moment to interrupt and reminds Daniel he has to meet Maggie. Daniel trots off and Nicole asks Jenn not to burden Daniel. Jennifer points out that Daniel came to her. Nicole sees Jenn as vulnerable and becomes emotional as she asks her not to play mind games.

Sami's heading out as EJ's heading to his apartment. He tells her he resigned and is fine about it. He found himself in a rare moment of telling the truth. Sami tried that once and it hurt. Sami invites him in. They can't do lunch but agree to celebrate his resignation over dinner. He tells her the governor called him and gave him the heave-ho and he feels light-hearted about it. They banter playfully.

Abigail lets Cameron in to the Horton home to discuss their last intimate encounter. Talking is overrated so she kisses him and brings him to her room. He points out that this is the third time he has been there in 24 hours. He isn't sure she knows what she wants. He thinks she needs time and breaks it off with her.

Chad returns home to find Melanie. She has an answer for his proposal. He doesn't want to put pressure on her. She knows. She told him she needed time to think. "And I think... I thought." Chad asks, "And?" "And... is all you have for me? That's all you've got? Do it the right way. Ask me again. I'll give you an answer." Chad blathers about it being lucky he bought this - just in case. He slips a diamond ring on her finger and tells her this means he'll always put her first. They both tear up as she says yes, but when they hug, she looks tense.

Billie and Kate head into the pub discussing working together long-term. Billie argues that they drive each other crazy but she will think about it.

Nick has no luck at the square, job hunting. Caroline walks up and he tells her what he's up to and apologizes for letting her take the rap for Trent's murder. He wrote to her from prison often and wanted her to know he's working on changing. Caroline got his letters. She yells at him about expectations of forgiveness but he expects nothing. Caroline stalks off only to return and talk about his last passionate letter about taking responsibility for his actions. She decides to give him a chance and hires him as a dishwasher.

Daniel walks into the mansion and overhears Brady yelling at Maggie for letting Nick live there. Brady ushers Daniel in and Daniel demands to know whose side she's on.

Sneak peek!

Nicole gives Rafe advice.

Rafe hopes to talk Sami out of dating EJ.

Adrienne is dismayed when Sonny reveals he has feelings for Will.

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