Nicole eavesdrops from the hall at the hospital as Daniel passionately defends Jennifer to a bitter coworker who doesn't want Jenn to return to work. Anne takes off and Daniel explains the outburst to Nicole, who wonders if Jenn's return is a good idea since Jenn seems so broken over Jack's death. Nic tells Daniel she learned that she's carrying a boy and asks if Daniel will be the godfather. Daniel remembers Parker and tells her he'd be happy to! He's quiet, thinking of Parker and finding out he wasn't his child. Daniel is finally okay remembering Parker. He gets to look forward to having another baby boy in his life. Nicole tears up, touched. Daniel leaves for work and returns later. Nicole's still there. The baby kicks and she places his hand on her belly. "Little dude, say hello to your godfather," she says.

At the square, Jennifer worries if Daniel is upset that she's returning to University Hospital. She also worries Nicole will hurt Daniel considering they've been intimate. Kayla is sickened by the thoughts of Daniel and Nicole together but wonders aloud, "What's it to you?" Jenn still cares for Daniel. He saved her life. Kayla worries Nicole will go after Jenn if she perceives her as a threat. Jenn doesn't care! She will always love Jack and denies this is a cheap trick at getting Daniel back. Kayla starts stammering, unsure of what to say and Jennifer suddenly apologizes for her outburst. Abe turns up to stick his nose into things. He came over because he was afraid this would turn into a cage match. Jenn blames her grief on her anger and Kayla accepts her apology. Abe learns Kayla took the Chief-of-Staff job and assumes Abe's angry about it. Jenn goes off and Abe shows Kayla a pen he got for Lexi when she was COS. He hands it over to Kayla who will treasure it. "There's nothing like old friends," Abe says wistfully. "Especially during times like these."

Cameron shows up at Alice's to an apology from Abigail. He doesn't have an issue taking things slow. They start making out and Cameron asks if this is what she wants. It is. The clothes start coming off but Cameron puts on the brakes. He can tell she's not ready. She's embarrassed so he goes and she starts to tear up.

Chad rushes into his room and immediately gets on bended knee to propose marriage to Melanie. She's flabbergasted and thinks this is a reaction to Nick being out on parole. Chad insists it's not. "I did the married thing and it failed and I can't do that again." He worries she doesn't feel the same. She just needs time to think. They make-out.

At Sami's place, she asks Rafe how he feels about her considering he doesn't hate her. "You ask the damnedest questions." She answers a knock at the door. It's EJ who has a surprise for her. EJ tries to make Rafe uncomfortable until he leaves. Once he's gone, EJ asks Sami to lunch at Green Mountain Lodge to celebrate their freedom. He wants to pick things up where they left off in the safe house. Sami's conditions are, "No shooting, no cloning, no kidnapping, lying..." "Dull. Dull, dull, dull," EJ says. They start making out but Hope interrupts and tells them the charges against them have been dropped but the governor wants to meet with them face-to-face. EJ knows this is about tendering his resignation.

Hope and Nick show up at the Kiriakis mansion, looking for Maggie to take him in. They can't because Bo was the arresting officer and nobody else can, so Maggie allows it. Hope rushes off while Maggie takes him to his room.

Rafe sits at the pub, unable to get his mind off of Sami and their last conversation. Lucas sits down. He owes Rafe for warning him against going back to Sami so he buys him a beer. Lucas muses that he should have listened. He asks Rafe about going from Sami - bad - to worse - having a baby with Nicole. Rafe says Lucas hasn't heard the whole story. They commiserate about EJ and Rafe hears Sami hates that Nicole's carrying his baby. Rafe ponders that and has a flashback to EJ earlier at Sami's as Lucas takes off. Rafe realizes EJ's using the baby being his to get Sami back. He gets up to leave and spots Sami. He wants to warn her but can't.

Melanie goes to see Abigail at home. They talk about boys but Abby's a terrible listener right now so Mel goes to the next in line, Maggie. Abigail calls Cameron and leaves a message that she'd like to try a third time to get him into bed. She hangs up and turns around and there's Jennifer standing there with pursed lips. Abby's pissed that Jenn eavesdropped. Jenn blames herself, worried she's been caught up in her own grief to be a mother. "I want you to be really careful," Jenn says. Abigail's horrified and wants her to back off. Jenn assumes Abigail thinks she's some country bumpkin. Abby blurts out that she's a virgin.

Cameron meets Chad at Coffee Bean where they discuss Nick getting out of prison and Abigail not being in a good place. Cam listens to Abby's message and tells Chad how confused he is.

Hope hangs around as EJ and the governor meet in the middle of the town square for their private meeting about EJ's job as mayor. The publicity was bad for the town and state. Press says the DiMera family bought themselves the campaign. EJ doesn't care, he is tendering his resignation to spend more time with family.

Melanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson goes to find Maggie when Nick surprises Mel by wandering in.

Sneak peek!

Nicole finds Daniel sympathizing with Jenn.

Kate gives Sami an earful.

EJ and Sami make romantic plans.

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