Sami rushes around as Marlena arrives and tells her Brady gave Kate a promotion. Marlena hopes Sami can be supportive of Brady. Sami cringes but agrees to keep quiet. She puts toys away and flashes to Nicole talking about her baby. "Bitch," she says, and tells Marlena the story. Sami will never understand why Rafe and Nicole "did what they did." Marlena advises her to change how she responds to Rafe and Nicole. They discuss Sami's talk with Lucas and Sami vows to put her kids first and job second this time.

Rafe's surprised Gabi's working at the pub because of her modelling job. She tells him she quit. Rafe assumes Sami said something and goes off in a huff to find her.

At Chad's, since Melanie can't sleep, Melanie emails her friends until Chad drags her back to bed. Melanie's Happy Nick's moving out of town. Chad showers while Melanie looks at Nick's prison photo and bites her nails.

Will shows up at Coffee Bean. He and Sonny dance around discussing their last argument. Will thinks Sonny made a few good points that he's working on and he asks for encouragement. Chad arrives. Will apologizes for not telling Chad he's gay. Chad apologizes for going after Will when he was arrested for killing Stefano. Will's not bothered by that. "That man gets a lot of sequels," Will jokes. Chad isn't happy to hear from Sonny that Nick's forced to stay in Salem. He runs off. Sonny tries to talk to Will when Brian calls. Will runs away before Sonny can ask him to a concert.

At the hospital, Daniel welcomes Kayla back. She hopes Jenn will return. Daniel seems to be ruffled by the news. He flashes to Maggie thinking he's still in love with her and isn't encouraging.

Jenn and Nicole take tea at the house while Nicole admits she and Daniel are more than friends. She makes no bones about wanting him in her life forever. Jenn calls Nicole vulnerable and thinks it's a mistake to make more of this than it is. Nicole offers to make a scrapbook of Jack for her but Jenn's "just fine, thank-you." She takes off and Nicole smirks and mocks her. She flashes to Maggie recognizing Daniel's feelings for Jenn and is annoyed, knowing Maggie's always right. It's Nicole's job to remind Jenn about Jack at every turn. She fantasizes about being with Daniel and her kid.

Abigail visits Nick at the prison and he swears he won't give Melanie a reason to regret helping him with parole. She leaves and Chad shows up to throw around the DiMera name and warn Nick to stay away from Melanie. Chad leaves and Nick signs the papers to start parole.

Daniel has coffee at the square where he finds Jenn. They talk about Nicole. Jenn almost tells him about Nicole's strong feelings, when Kayla interrupts. She offers Jenn the job of Director of Communications. Daniel encourages her to take her time to consider it. He leaves and Jenn can see Daniel doesn't like the idea.

Rafe shows up at Sami's door to accuse her of firing Gabi to get back at him. Sami has a good laugh and defends herself. They bicker about her grief sex with EJ. Rafe texts Gabi and learns the truth. Sami accuses him of becoming more like her! She knows he hates her. He stops her. "I could never hate you." They share a moment.

Melanie meets Gabi and Abby at the Coffee Bean. Gabi tries to leave. They discuss Nick staying in Salem and this is the first Melanie has heard. She jumps up and runs home. Abby and Sonny gossip about it. He offers her the concert tickets but she's hesitant to take them. She breaks down and leaves, texting Cameron on the way.

Will has coffee with Marlena at the pub and talks about Chad blowing up after hearing Nick's staying in town. Caroline asks for specifics. Will hopes people give Nick some space. They talk about Will not wanting to do the 'whole dating scene'. He can't help thinking about a special someone. Marlena prods him to tell her how he messed up with this guy. Will looks at Gabi and flashes to Gabi-sex and says it doesn't matter because the guy he likes has moved on.

Nicole has a sonogram with Dr. Knapp at the hospital and learns she's having a boy. Anne, a co-worker of Daniel's, bitches about Jennifer. If she wasn't a Horton, she wouldn't even be a candy striper! Nicole watches as Daniel defends Jenn.

Chad arrives home to Melanie and asks her to marry him.

Sneak peek!

Rafe can't get romantic thoughts of Sami out of his head.

Hope informs EJ he must resign as mayor.

Nicole watches as Daniel passionately defends Jennifer.

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