Sami finds Gabi working at the pub, and offers her more modelling work at CW. Gabi says she and Chad quit. Sami had no idea, prompting Will to snark that maybe if Sami checked in at the office more than once a month, she'd know this. Sami wants Gabi to reconsider and then asks Will for his input. Will flashes to sex with Gabi and is uncomfortable. He can't help her. They talk about Rafe and Will apologizes for disrespecting her for so long. "I deserved it," Sami muses but Will denies that. When he thought she would die on the catwalk, he had never been so scared in his life. Sami's touched and they both tear up with happy tears.

At the mansion, Kate learns from Brady that he's CEO of Titan again. She assumes Brady's going to fire her but he's giving her a promotion! She's irreplaceable and he's grateful to her for relaying Madison's last words to him which has given him peace. They hug and Victor interrupts to tell them Nick got parole. Brady runs to find Melanie. Kate's surprised Victor's fine with her being CEO. Victor says his feelings for her changed now that he's married to Maggie. Kate remembers their past in the 'merry gay old 90s'. They wonder how Stefano would feel to hear her news.

Chad and Daniel go off on the parole board after hearing Nick is out. Melanie clarifies that she spoke in Nick's favor. In another room, Nick flashes to Melanie's testimony. She talks about how selfish she was and thinks she got what she deserved after using him. She doesn't want to stand in the way of his productivity. Outside, Melanie explains her decision and Jessica promises she won't regret it. Everyone breaks up but Chad stays behind to tell Jessica he's putting Nick on notice to stay away from Melanie. Maggie visits Nick, who knows she's feeling conflicted about this. He's thankful to Maggie, knowing she's the reason Melanie spoke up for him. Nick hopes Melanie will be okay with all of this. He vows not to let Maggie down. Later, Brady arrives and bawls out Maggie.

Sonny finds T playing basketball at the square and apologizes for jumping him but Tad refuses to accept. Tad's still bitter that Sonny 'turned' Will gay. Sonny snorts. "You really think Will hasn't been gay since the day he was born?" Tad remembers going scouting for girls with Will and rating them and accuses Sonny of hitting on him by asking him to a basketball game. Sonny grins. He's not interested in Tad and admits he's interested in Will, but Will doesn't feel the same. Sonny says Will misses their friendship and asks T to be more accepting. Tad seems to listen but walks away silently. Sonny's about to call Will when Will walks up.

Daniel, Melanie and Chad arrive at The Coffee Bean. Gabi comforts Melanie and Chad takes her aside to chastise her. Nearby, Daniel's curious about what changed Melanie's mind. Melanie goes over her past selfishness and says she did this for Maggie. Daniel's proud of her. Meanwhile, Gabi asks if it's alright if she accepts Sami's offer to model. "No freaking way," Chad states vehemently. He reminds her he's a DiMera and plans to hold this over her forever.

Will runs into Kate outside the pub. They discuss Stefano being out of touch. Kate wants to introduce Will to a hot intern, Scott. "Unless you're already seeing someone." Will flashes to Sonny's kiss. There was someone but the guy moved on. Kate calls the guy a fool.

Maggie returns home and updates Victor on the proceedings at the court. Daniel arrives and apologizes to Maggie for getting so upset earlier. Maggie promises to ensure Nick is on track. Daniel knows Melanie did this as a tribute to Maggie. They hug and Maggie cries.

Melanie lies on top of a brooding Chad at his place. This is the best she has felt in a while, she says. Chad's glad Nick's moving outside of Salem. Mel give him a kiss and Brady calls to see how she is. Once they hang up, Melanie and Chad make love.

Brady returns home to groan about Melanie making the wrong decision about Nick. Maggie tears up, realizing Brady's thinking of Arianna, who was murdered from a paroled prisoner.

Sneak peek!

Rafe tells Sami he could never hate her.

Kayla returns to the hospital.

Daniel worries when Kayla wants to rehire Jenn.

Nicole learns her baby's sex.

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