Outside the court room, Daniel tells Maggie that Chad's not answering his phone. They ponder where Melanie could have gone. Inside a room nearby, the board meets with Nick regarding the hearing. Melanie bursts in to make a statement. Outside, Daniel has a meltdown and Jessica tells Daniel that her son's genuinely remorseful and deserves a life beyond the bars. Back inside, Mel testifies while having flashbacks. Mel tells the board, "I am... I was, one of his victims." Melanie tells them about her past with Nick - flashbacks ensue. She gets upset and asks for a moment alone. She walks over to Jessica and Maggie unseen, while they discuss second chances. She runs back to the board room and gives her statement. Chad arrives at the court room and explains to the others that Melanie's inside with the parole board. Hope receives a call and has to run to SPD. Maggie and Jessica are left waiting for news on Nick. Jessica goes off to call her mother while Daniel and Chad worry. Melanie heads out with a hug for Daniel. She tells everyone she did what she had to do. Melanie meets Jessica and things are awkward. The board comes out and tells them Nick was granted parole.

At Sami's, Lucas tells EJ he doesn't need to sniff around Sami. Lucas is done with her and tells EJ not to get too comfortable. Hasn't EJ learned? Sami always wants what she can't have. She'll be on to the next challenge after a few months. He encourages EJ to ask Rafe or Brandon. EJ points out that Lucas keeps returning. Lucas knows he's an idiot. "But no more than you." Lucas reminds him that both Sami and Nicole sucked him in. At least Lucas has nostalgia on his side. Lucas talks history. "First you forced her to sleep with you because you told her it was going to save my life. Wow that's a great one, then you slept together because you thought you lost a child and then when half of Salem was blown up you two were on the run from the cops. Good times." Lucas thinks Rafe's Sami's man. Lucas goes to find Allie. Later, EJ plays with Johnny and flashes to his conversation with Lucas.

Sami is mugged at the park. Rafe comes to her rescue. He flings her back and she falls on top of him. Rafe throws her off and catches the guy. The cops arrive as Rafe examines Sami's wrist. She flashes to the safe house.

Nicole wanders Alice's house, muttering about the unexpected. Abby walks in, surprised to find out she moved in. Abby privately calls Jenn about it, hangs up and then Nicole explains why she moved in. Abby's eyes widen in shock at her situation. Nicole tells Abby this was Daniel's idea.

Cameron puts Sami's arm in a wrist guard at the hospital. Sami thanks Rafe for helping her. He's glad he was there. They share a moment before Nicole barges in. Cameron goes off and takes a call from Abigail, who invites him over. In the ER, Nicole and Sami exchange subtle barbs and Nicole leaves. Sami points out how supportive Rafe was during her pregnancy with Sydney, yet he's not like that with Nicole. Rafe covers and Sami point blank asks if the child is his. "Would I lie to you?" Sami smirks. She never thought so but he's not one to answer a question with a question. That's Sami's MO. Rafe gets defensive. Nicole eavesdrops. Sami leaves and Nicole shows herself. She's upset that he was about to blow it all. Nicole worries Sami will learn their secret. She also can see things aren't over between Rafe and Sami. Nicole asks him not to let Sami stomp all over his heart again. Rafe promises he'll never fall for Sami again.

Cameron shows up at Alice's. Abby apologizes for cancelling their date and she explains the situation with Nick and Melanie and Steve and Kayla's divorcing. Cameron wishes he could help. They start making out. Cameron's shirt comes off and Abby jumps up and asks him to leave.

Sami returns home to find EJ making peanut butter sandwiches. She tells him about the mugging and how Rafe rescued her. She saw Nic at the hospital. "I think she's taking Rafe to the dark side." Sami admits her suspicions about EJ being the baby daddy. EJ disagrees.

Sneak peek!

Chad and Mel make love.

Kate gets a promotion.

Sami offers to hire Gabi back at CW.

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