At the hospital, Daniel tries to convince Nicole it's a good idea to move in with Victor. She says anywhere else would be better. Jennifer appears and says, "Then come live with me." Nicole points out that Jenn doesn't like her. Jenn tells Nicole she's growing on her, and she needs someone in her house. Daniel thinks they can help each other. Nicole leaves. Daniel asks Jenn why she did it. Jenn says life is short - there's no time to be small. In a hospital room, Nicole screams into a pillow and tells her baby that do-gooders always screw things up.

EJ arrives at Sami's place and she asks when he was going to tell her he's a DiMera. EJ says he doesn't want anything to do with Stefano anyway. When EJ flirts, Sami says she feels like a pinball with her divorce and Lucas just leaving, but she asks him to stay and babysit. He agrees, but looks forward to her sorting out her feelings. Sami goes, and Lucas arrives to pick up Ally. He's appalled Sami left her with EJ. They bicker. Lucas tells EJ he won't last either.

At home, Hope asks Bo if he's ready for the hearing. They discuss Nick. Hope says he deserves a chance to start over.

At the jail, Jessica tells Nick that only Melanie can keep him from getting parole. Maggie arrives. She tells Jessica she can't talk to Melanie for her. Nick sends Jessica to watch for Bo and Hope. Maggie tells Nick she knows how much better he's gotten. She's proud. Nick says he'd never ask her to intervene with Melanie. Maggie says it was always easy to love him.

In Chad's room, he tells her to keep writing her letter and steps out. Melanie leaves the letter, that says Nick would have to stay in prison another 18 months, on the desk and leaves. Chad returns, sees the letter, and tries to call her cellphone, but it's in the room. Chad calls Daniel.

In the pub, Gabi asks Rafe why he's in such a good mood. He flashes to Sami telling Caroline she's taking the kids to the waterpark and smiles. Talk turns to Gabi. She assures him she's fine, but is concerned about him now that Carrie's gone. Rafe says he's fine and takes off to do paperwork. Once alone, Gabi is confronted by Melanie who wonders why she's not been returning her calls, and says she's the only one who can help her. She talks to her about Nick and says writing the letter felt wrong. Gabi tries to get away from her, but Melanie insists she's the only person who understands what it's like to be stalked. Gabi flashes to Chad knowing the truth and says she can't help her. Melanie keeps asking her what she would do - she's one of her best friends. Gabi stops her. "There's something you need to know."

At the station, Sami asks her lawyer if the authorities are planning to make an example of her, like Lindsay Lohan. The lawyer suggests the arresting officer should put in a good word for her. Rafe appears. They discuss Gabi. He accepts Sami's offer to talk to her. The lawyer returns and asks if he's there to vouch for Sami. Sami says he's not, but Rafe accuses Sami of being nice to him so he'll help her. Sami chases Rafe to the park, insisting she wants to help Gabi. He informs her he won't lie to the D.A., and takes off. A guy in a brown hoodie grabs Sami's purse. Rafe rescues her and they end up on the ground.

Chad meets Daniel in the square. Daniel says he'll check the hearing and will call if he finds Melanie. Chad heads to the pub where he finds Melanie about to hear a confession from Gabi. He wants Mel to focus on writing the letter. Gabi agrees she should be safe.

Bo speaks at the parole hearing, describing Nick's arrest for the murder of Trent Robbins. Jessica testifies that Nick fell hard for Melanie and the drugs led to his troubles. Hope tells the panel she arrested Nick, her cousin, but can now say without doubt that he is ready to be released. Daniel appears and is upset that Hope tried to help Nick. He's surprised that Melanie's not there. The panel asks Nick to speak before they rule. He takes responsibility and talks about making amends. Melanie bursts in and asks to make a statement.

Still at the hospital, Nicole reluctantly takes Jennifer up on her offer to move in right away.

At Jennifer's house, Nicole tells her what a great start she and Daniel have had to their relationship.

Sneak Peek!

Melanie's unable to testify, when bad memories haunt her.

Rafe and Sami find themselves 'in a warm moment'.

Sami asks if Rafe's really Nicole's baby daddy. He covers, saying he is. Sami's upset.

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