It has started to rain in Salem when Will, at the pier, hides his gun in a paper bag and runs into Gabi. She starts pawing at his bag, demanding to know what he has. Will puts her off and takes off with her just as some guy comes out of the shadows.

Lucas finds EJ walking at the square. He's trying to get a hold of Will but EJ admits he has no idea where he is. He fired Will. Lucas is surprised. Will was willing to do anything for him. EJ says William lacked loyalty, making Lucas more confused than ever. Later, Will drops Gabi off and she calls someone for a meeting.

At home, Stefano tells Lexi's picture he'll be lost without her. He receives a call from Santo's jeweler's grandson, who has no new information. They hang up and he stares at the coin. EJ saunters in with the documents stating the gases under the tunnels are the leading cause of Lexi's brain tumor. Stefano confirms that Lexi already knows. EJ blames Stefano for this and hopes he burns in hell. They agree that Alexandra is far better than either of them. EJ comments that she wants them to find peace. Stefano agrees to try and asks EJ to leave before one of them says something they regret. EJ puts on his black leather gloves. He's not leaving until he does what he came to do. EJ wants to protect those Stefano has hurt. He pulls out a gun, claiming he could only come up with one solution. Stefano stares with his jaw on the floor.

At SPD, Roman tells Hope, Marlena, John and Bo that the CIA didn't appreciate them botching their efforts with Stefano. Hope and Marlena agree there is no justice. They discuss neutralizing Stefano for good and Marlena goes to see a patient. Bo talks about taking vengeful retribution. "An eye for an eye," Bo spits. Roman doesn't like Bo's attitude. EJ can strip them of their jobs and put his cronies in their places if they touch Stefano beyond the law. Roman threatens to come after each of them if they go after Stefano. Suddenly everyone has 'errands' to run and they all go their separate ways...

At the Coffee Bean, Abigail suggests Gabi's lying about having a stalker in order to get Chad's attention.

Daniel catches Nicole switching the DNA results at his desk. She attempts an explanation and remembers the loss of her first child. She'll protect this baby. Daniel thinks it's possible EJ's threats are idle and only due to Lexi's imminent death. Nicole knows that Lexi's the only one who loves him in spite of himself. Daniel wonders if down the road, she and EJ could repair the damage between them. Nicole says it'll never happen. What about him and Jennifer? Daniel shakes his head and rolls his eyes at his way of dealing with the situation which was to leave town. Nicole has decided to move to Bali but Daniel thinks the last thing she needs right now is to be alone. She starts to rant and hyperventilate and Daniel calms her down. He's been in her shoes. He leans in and kisses her. "What was that?" Daniel apologizes and they go back for more. They wind up on his desk when a call from the lab interrupts. Daniel apologizes and takes the samples to the lab.

Will fondles his gun outside the pub, where Marlena finds him. He stuffs the gun back in his bag and they head in for coffee. She throws napkins at him, telling him to dry off and he admits EJ fired him because of Stefano. Will gets into details and warns Stefano won't get away with this. He runs off with Marlena screaming his name.

Gabi meets Andrew down by the pier. He tells "model girl" he's been preparing all day but asks if this is a little extreme. Does she really think the publicity will get her back in front of the lens? Gabi hands over an envelope and tells him to make this real. She calls Chad in a panic and yells that she's being followed at the square. She screams and the phone is cut off. Chad, Melanie, and Abby rush out of the cafe. They find Andrew manhandling Gabi near the square. Andrew runs off as Gabi has managed to drum up some tears.

Will bumps right into Lucas on the way into the Coffee Bean. Will drops his gun and Lucas grabs it and hides it in his jacket. "What the hell are you doing?" Lucas demands.

Marlena goes to the SPD to find John but he's gone. Roman urges her not to act on her hatred for Stefano. He leaves and she takes out her gun from her handbag and purses her lips.

John walks through the square and pulls a gun.

Hope leaves Bo with a kiss at the pub. He heads in and fiddles with the gun in his ankle strap.

Sneak peek!

Kate receives divorce papers from Stefano and a letter revealing his intent to invoke legal means to keep her from working at Titan.

Stefano receives a visit, one by one, from each of his adversaries.

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