Rafe and a nervous Nicole head to Daniel's office. Nicole worries about EJ's reaction when he learns the truth. They head inside and Daniel says EJ hasn't shown up for his DNA test. Nicole wishes he'd switch the test results but knows he won't.

Abe spots EJ at the square, and they discuss Lexi's strength. EJ tells him Lexi wanted him to resign as mayor and give Abe the job. Abe wouldn't have taken the job anyway. It wouldn't help him get over having to lose the love of his life.

Stefano visits Lexi at home. They hug and he coddles her. She notices he's tired and drawn looking but he just wants to take care of her. She asks if he'll let others see his capacity for love when she's gone. She reminds him that EJ loves him and has him promise not to hurt those she loves any more than he would dream of hurting her. Stefano gets them some tea and tears up, claiming he has something in his eye. For her and Theo's sake, Stefano promises to try to put his differences aside with Abe, as long as he will. Lexi gets a pain in her head and Stefano worries he has stayed too long. Stefano's sorry for anything he has ever done that hurt her. They hug and tell each other how much they love one another before Lexi goes to bed. Abe arrives and Stefano offers to be civil but Abe reminds him this brain tumor is Stefano's fault. Stefano had no idea Andre had her in the tunnels but Abe yells that Stefano's guilty of creating a monster in Andre. From the stairs, Lexi overhears. Abe suggests this is karma for Stefano. He admits he has to live with the possibility that some part of this is his fault. Abe and Stefano gasp when a crying Lexi steps out from the shadow. Both men are sorry. Lexi hugs her father and kisses his hand before he leaves.

At the mansion, Will confesses he set it up so Rafe would overhear Will discussing Sami having sex with EJ. They both tear up. Sami questions him and he admits Stefano blackmailed him. He knows Will shot EJ. Sami's disgusted that Stefano used him and angry with Will. Why didn't he come to her? Will reminds her they weren't talking. Sami recalls Stefano holding things over her in the past. Will has to run and find EJ and Stefano and refuses to let Sami help.

EJ shows up at Daniel's office in a horrible mood. He wants to get the 'show on the road'. He's tired of Nicole's lies on top of everything else he's dealing with. Nicole suggests they do this another time. EJ says Nicole reminds him of a rat trying to escape. "There's no escape, Nicki." EJ grins and says he'll expose her as an unfit mother once the truth comes out. It'll be grounds for full custody. He'll make sure the baby grows up a DiMera, in every sense of the way! He leaves and Daniel puts the labels on the blood and locks the box, leaving a key in his top drawer. He isn't sure why Rafe wanted to be tested as well, considering there's no chance he's the father. Daniel says the truth has a way of coming out sooner or later. He promises to call when he gets the results and leaves. Nicole asks to be alone so Rafe takes off. A lab technician arrives and Nicole lies that Dr. Jonas needs him at the lab. He runs off and she switches EJ and Rafe's DNA samples just as Daniel walks in.

Will finds EJ in the square and begs for forgiveness. EJ tells him it's too late for that and demands the keys to his apartment and the mansion. Will claims his loyalty is to EJ. EJ tells him to go talk to Stefano. "He'll owe you one." Will hands over some documents which confirm Lexi's illness is due to the toxic gases in the tunnels.

Sami's surprised when Rafe drops by her place to see the kids. They're not home. He notices she's upset and offers to talk. She tells him a little about what happened with Will and how he's siding with EJ. When Rafe understands how Will's feeling and criticizes Sami, she asks him to leave.

Will winds up at the pier, where he takes out a gun and says, "We'll see who has the last laugh now, Stefano."

Stefano arrives home grieving over Lexi. He breaks down and calls out, "Why? Why God in heaven why?" He holds a photo of him with Lexi and sobs uncontrollably.

Sneak peek!

EJ pulls a gun on Stefano.

Daniel catches Nicole switching DNA records.

Gabi hires someone to 'become' her stalker.

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