Jenn, Jack celebrate their anniversary and engagement with Abigail at the Coffee Bean. Abby feels like a third wheel. Cameron waltzes up telling Abby how great she looks today after staying up so late last night. Jack invites Cam to sit and interrogates him. They learn he's a doctor and Lexi's half-brother. They leave the couple alone to make a date for tonight - with her parents.

EJ brings Lexi tea at home. EJ promises to go to Theo's soccer games and ensures his cousins will be a part of his life. EJ holds Lexi and she asks if he would consider resigning as mayor and give the job to Abe. Lexi wants EJ to clear Jenn and Abe's names from tampering with the election and then endorse Abe. EJ says this job is all he has. They both laugh, knowing he doesn't like going to city council meetings and after much badgering on Lexi's part, EJ feels forced to admit he's not Stefano's son. Lexi's shocked and EJ explains everything. Lexi's sure Stefano will get over it. EJ adds that Stefano had William break up his marriage to Nicole. Lexi wants to confront Stefano but EJ makes her promise not to. She doesn't have the strength. Lexi adamantly tells EJ he's her brother and nothing can change that. She hugs him. Markers on a paternity test are meaningless, she tells him. She asks if he has had a DNA test done. "Father has made up his mind," EJ says. She kisses his hand and face until he laughs. Sometimes Lexi hates being a DiMera. EJ laughs. "Really?" Lexi thinks it's been worth it, having him as a brother. She's sorry for the pain he's in. She considers how alone Father is. EJ can't feel sorry for him. He senses irony. He's not Stefano's son but he's just like him. EJ's upset that Stefano's freezing his kids out too. Lexi sighs and tells him to be the father they need. EJ ran for mayor for them. He'd do anything for her but he can't give up this job. Lexi understands. EJ plans on getting the charges against Abraham and Jennifer dropped. He doesn't deserve a sister like her, he says, before hugging her goodbye.

Will lets himself into the DiMera mansion looking for EJ. Sami follows. Will lambastes her for walking out on him when he came out. She apologizes for her mistake and asks for a 'do over'. She has many questions about when he first knew. She sticks her foot into her mouth while trying to get him to open up and they argue. She tells him she doesn't judge people. He raises an eyebrow so she smirks and revises her statement. She only judges those she hates. Sami's okay with him being gay but is worried about bullying. They share a moment when Sami remembers it was once just the two of them. She loves him and wants another chance. Will tells Sami she drives him insane but it's only because of how much he loves her. They grin and hug. Sami asks what's up with him and EJ. Will's face falls. He confesses to Sami he's the reason Rafe found out about her having sex with EJ.

Jenn and Jack sit at the square and discuss their future as they reminisce and flash to their youth. Jenn asks if they've settled down and Jack gets a text. He reads it and concludes they've not settled down yet. He whispers that EJ wants to run for Governor and Jack's going to stop him. Jenn encourages him to go make some calls but Jack's reluctant. He refuses to allow this to mess up their lives again. She trusts him.

Sneak peek!

Nicole changes the labels on DNA samples.

Sami doesn't blame Will completely.

Will arranges to buy a gun.

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