Hope packages food Caroline made for Abe and Lexi at the pub. Bo becomes morose, wondering what he would do without Hope. Hope hugs him. She's not going anywhere.

Abe arrives home with food. He gabs to Lexi all about dropping Theo off at his friend's party. Lexi's a bit spaced out. She heads upstairs to rest. Hope and Bo arrive and Abe wonders how he'll survive without Lexi. Hope suggests he focus on what's happening now. They bring up Stefano slipping through their fingers. Lexi heads down the stairs. She apologizes for what Stefano has done to them. Abe runs to get the cheesecake but doesn't know where anything is. Lexi explains she's been making lists for Abe to help him when she's gone. She asks her friends to promise not to let Abe shut himself off from the world. "If he meets a woman who makes him feel whole again, encourage him to love again." This makes both women cry. They eat cheesecake and Hope wants to plan a sailing trip. Lexi says goodbye to Bo and Hope, who she feels blessed to have known. Hope calls Lexi her sister. Both ladies break down in each other's arms. Later, when they're alone, Lexi admits her time is almost up and she's not ready.

Abby eavesdrops on Cameron's call at the Coffee Bean. She thinks he's making a date with 'Sarah' and becomes jealous so Cameron drags her to meet her.

In Daniel's office, Austin is over the moon with delight about Carrie's pregnancy. He offers an olive branch to Rafe and the men shake hands. Nicole takes Rafe away and tells him she's sorry.

At the square, Will says Stefano knew about EJ and Sami having sex and threatened him. Will didn't want to tell Rafe to his face, so that's when he made sure Rafe overheard it. Will's sorry. EJ blames Will for the loss of his wife and starts hitting Will with his folder before stomping away.

At home, Stefano is on the phone with a jeweler in Italy, who found an invoice that verifies that Santo DiMera had his grandfather create an entire coin. He doesn't know who Yvette is so Stefano barks at him to find out. Later, the man calls back. He's off to his father's country house to search more records. Stefano gets a call from William, who warns him that EJ knows. They hang up just as EJ barges in to rant. Stefano says he was trying to steer him in the right direction. EJ calls Stefano 'dead'. Stefano did this for his own good. Maybe there's a reason EJ keeps falling into bed with Samantha? "Maybe it's because you love her more," Stefano suggests. He thinks Nicole's low-class and wanted the best for him. EJ says Nic won't even look at him anymore. He calls Stefano the devil. EJ plans on destroying Stefano's life.

Nicole and Rafe wind up outside the pub where Nicole tries talking Rafe into raising Carrie's baby with her. Rafe can't do it. Carrie turns up and Nicole leaves. Carrie's apologetic but Rafe tells her not to be. Rafe can't break up a family, even though he wants to be with her. Carrie doesn't think she can stop loving him. They agree they need to part ways and share an emotional goodbye.

Cameron takes Abby to the hospital to meet one of Lexi's patients, Sarah. She's a sweet little old lady, which mortifies Abby. Cameron admits her reaction made him realize she likes him as much as he likes her. They wander to the square where Abby thinks it's sweet that he takes the time to care for Lexi's patients. They share their first kiss before she leaves to study.

Nicole runs into Will at the square. He tells her he had a spat with EJ and she suggests he get as far away as EJ as he can. Will can't do that and leaves. Austin walks up and asks Nicole to help him with maternity wear for Carrie. She offers to take him to some shops. Austin's happy for her and Rafe, and is glad they all got so lucky. Hope and Bo wander by, upset about Lexi. Bo takes a look at a gun he has strapped to his leg, before going to work.

Nicole and Austin interrupt Rafe and Carrie's intimate moment outside the pub. Carrie and Rafe head inside and Rafe looks lost. Inside, Austin gives Carrie a gift to thank her for not giving up on him.

Sneak peek!

Will is surprised by Sami's acceptance of who he is.

Will confesses his part in Rafe finding out about her night with EJ.

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