John and Marlena visit Lexi. The men go off together and Marlena asks how Lexi's doing and Lexi puts on a brave front. Marlena calls her on it and encourages her to open up. Lexi is thankful for the offer but she just wants to spend her time enjoying what little time she has left. Lexi is trying to say her goodbyes now, just in case. She apologizes for the awful things Stefano has done and they tear up and agree to enjoy every precious moment they have left. The men return and they drink champagne. The ladies go off to shop online for Theo and the men bond. John offers support to his friend. The ladies return to eat cheesecake and John comforts Lexi. He promises to be there for Theo and Abe. "I'll even take him to a damned Cubs game if he wants, as long as it's at Yankee Stadium!" Lexi laughs and feels lucky to call him her friend. John chokes back tears. They eat cake and Lexi feels tired so she goes off to bed. Marlena and John weep once she's out of the room.

Austin and Carrie anxiously arrive at Daniel's office to confirm Carrie's pregnancy. Rafe and Nicole arrive and Austin goes off with Daniel to sign some papers while Nicole gives Carrie and Rafe time to talk. Outside, Nicole gossips to Daniel about Rafe and Daniel suggests she see another doctor. She's been putting it off. Meanwhile, Rafe is hurt knowing that Carrie's been having sex with Austin after professing to love him. Carrie shares that it happened after she learned he was having a baby with Nicole. Carrie's sorry Rafe found out the way he did. If the test is negative, she'll leave Austin. Rafe asks what happens if it's positive? Austin returns and finds Nicole with Daniel. He's not happy Carrie is alone with Rafe. Nicole claims Rafe's filling out paperwork and heads into Daniel's office to usher Carrie out. Nicole can see Rafe's worried that Carrie will stay married if she's pregnant. Rafe runs off and Nicole offers pregnancy advice to Carrie and tells her to take things one step at a time. Daniel confirms Carrie's pregnant.

At the square, EJ gives Will some errands to run. Will is surprised to see EJ taking this so seriously. Will ignores a call from Sami and EJ assumes he's upset because Sami discussed private matters with EJ. He says Sami was merely looking for a way to make things right but Will says it didn't go down that way and he can't forgive her. EJ thinks Will may be wrong about Sami. Will snipes, "She shot you in the head." EJ grins and points out Will did as well. What happens if Sami really changes this time? Will calls EJ on taking sides but he's not. Will thinks EJ must be proud that Stefano is the big hero right now. EJ says he was in the dark about it all along and isn't happy that Stefano acted alone. It's not the first time Stefano has done this. Will gets a look. EJ goes on to say Stefano has been undermining him. Will's surprised EJ didn't fire him. EJ is confused. He plays along and gets Will to admit that Stefano forced him to make sure Rafe and Nicole knew about the grief sex.

Kate overhears Sami leaving a message for Will at the pub and makes snide comments before asking what's up. Eventually, Sami explains what happened the day Will came out. Kate's surprised Sami didn't know and claims she's more sensitive. Sami snorts. "You're about as sensitive as sandpaper." Kate thinks Sami's focus on cheating on Rafe made her blind to her son's issues. Kate knows Sami felt guilty and it wasn't her intention to hurt Will. Kate's been there and she knows Will still loves her. Kate thinks Sami knew deep down that her son was gay. She's sure Will feels he has lost his mother because of this and tells Sami to be patient and compassionate and keep her feelings in check. Sami thanks Kate for the advice and they get back to sniping at each other.

Sneak peek!

Lexi reveals her health is going downhill faster than she expected.

Bo has a gun...

EJ confronts Stefano.

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