Bo and Hope canoodle in bed at home. They reminisce about their wedding and affirm their love for each other before making love. Bo sullies the mood by bringing up Alice's mystery with the bank statement. He fills up her champagne glass and then Hope starts wishing Julie and her dad had found something in Africa. They fall asleep and Hope wakes up and promises Stefano will never come between them again.

Gabi and Will meet at the square where they discuss him coming out to his parents. Regarding Sami's reaction, Gabi suggests some mothers might not want to hear their son is gay. Will snorts, "Wow no rainbow flag for you." Gabi tries to explain herself. She's sure Sami just needs time. Will asks if she went to the police about her stalker. She covers that if she does, Rafe would find out and become overprotective. Will can protect her. They go for coffee and John and Marlena take a seat and talk about getting rid of Stefano. John takes a call, and leaves on 'agency business'.

At the Coffee Bean, Chad receives a text invitation to the DiMera mansion for a luncheon for Lexi. Melanie wants to support him and Lexi but she's not sure she can be around a man who has done such awful things. Chad understands and sort of feels the same himself, but he needs to make peace for his sister's sake. This isn't going to be a one-time thing. Melanie's lucky to love a man whose heart is in the right place. She understands but is worried. Chad takes off for the luncheon. Marlena wanders in where she finds Will and jumps on him. He tells her he came out to Sami and Lucas with mixed results. Gabi finds Melanie, who thinks she screwed up with Chad. Mel fills her in and Gabi's advice is for Melanie to break off with Chad. Gabi goes to get a coffee and Melanie looks for advice from Will. He suggests she surprise Chad. Will tells Gabi this later before ordering her to stop trying to break-up Chad and Melanie.

At the Carver's, Celeste and Theo play with her Tarot cards. Celeste, Lexi and Abe get uptight when Theo draws the card of death which he thinks shows his mommy. Celeste explains that it can mean a new beginning. Theo's excited to see his uncle at the luncheon today.

EJ walks in on Stefano on the phone, speaking with the Italian jeweler about the coin. He is willing to pay any price for what he needs. EJ exclaims that he won't use the money he stole from him. Stefano points out that it's not his money anyway. EJ still wants it returned. Stefano smirks. It'll never happen. Besides, John Black's pension plan has given him the mayoral seat. EJ goes off on Stefano. The only reason he hasn't strangled him and stuck his body on the table as a centerpiece is because he still cares about him. Stefano tells his son he made him and if he wants, he can break him. Lexi walks in and immediately gets a headache. She orders them to their corners. Theo and Abe turn up and Stefano takes Theo and Celeste into the garden while Abe makes a call. EJ makes light of the argument. Lexi worries for his future. EJ tears up and Lexi tells him he's the only brother she has ever truly known. She loves him so much. They hug. Theo, Celeste and Stefano walk into the foyer. Theo runs to his mom while Celeste and Stefano think about how much they love Lexi. Celeste returns to the great room and Abe confronts Stefano about the gases making Lexi ill. Abe refuses to tell Lexi the truth but this won't end with her life. He'll never forget nor forgive it. Chad shows up. Stefano's thrilled when his son asks to be a part of the family again - just not like EJ. They hug and EJ watches, sadly. Lexi greets Chad and tells him to keep Father at arm's length. They hug and Melanie turns up with hugs and kisses and some acceptance. Mel takes Theo to the kitchen while Lexi makes a speech. She hopes everyone will try to get along after she's gone. For Theo. A photographer, Mr. Chambers, arrives and starts taking portrait photos.

In a wooded area, John buys a gun from some dude. He runs off and Marlena follows. She catches up to him at the square and tells him he can't kill Stefano. "Sure I can." He knows how to cover his tracks. Marlena pulls the love card and John sighs and agrees, but when she leaves, he puts the gun into his coat. Marlena finds herself in the woods where she says she'll make sure Stefano pays for his crimes.

Sneak peek!

EJ and Will discuss Sami's reaction to Will's announcement that he's gay. EJ reaches out to Will.

Will finally reveals he worked with Stefano...

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