Nicole shops online at home for baby clothes when Rafe arrives. He updates her about what went down with Stefano and she thinks it's a crappy joke. He explains that Carrie's telling Austin about them now. Nicole thinks Carrie's a saint to keep her secret and can see how much in love they are. Nicole calls Carrie the complete opposite of Sami. When Sami finds out the truth about him and "Pollyanna" Nicole wants to hear details about how she takes it.

Austin pushes Carrie to eat her sandwich at the pub. He goes to take a call and she stares pensively at her positive pregnancy test. Austin returns and overhears Carrie leaving a message of love to Rafe's cell phone. She covers and is shocked to hear Stefano's free.

At SPD, Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena groan over Stefano being released. "Is the man ever going to be punished?" Marlena asks. Hope wants to force Harmon to talk but Shane's superiors prefer they keep him in the dark. Hope realizes it's been 30 years today that Stefano started his reign of terror. He has to be stopped once and for all. They receive the documentation stating that the gases in the tunnels under Stefano's mansion are toxic. They become angrier by the minute. John's been Stefano's pawn for the last time. Bo and Hope remember when Stefano took Zach to give to Lexi to raise. They reminisce about losing JT and if Stefano hadn't told them Chelsea was dead, they'd have been able to raise her. Marlena blames Stefano for her damaged relationship with Sami.

Abe takes Lexi home and Celeste learns she collapsed at SPD. Lexi allows Abe to call Daniel even though there's nothing he can do for her. Celeste gets a blanket and tells Lexi that she and Theo read a book before bedtime. Daniel shows up and Lexi sends Abe and Celeste off to get her soup from the Mandalay. Lexi feels lousy. Her headaches are getting worse and every muscle in her body aches. She feels her time running out. It's a matter of days, not months. She asks Daniel to keep it quiet. She doesn't want family to worry. Lexi cries that sometimes there are days when she wants to get into her car and drive into something or scream at the top of her lungs, "This isn't fair. Why me?" She stays strong for Theo. Daniel offers her support if she needs to rant. She nods and cries in his arms.

Abe and Celeste walk the square and talk about making Lexi's last months stress-free. Celeste gets the soup and Roman arrives to show Abe documentation on the gases in the tunnels. Abe knew it. It's all Stefano's fault. Roman reminds him it's Andre's fault but Abe says all bets are off. Lexi's the last of Stefano's victims.

Back at Nicole's, she and Rafe continue shopping for baby clothes and Rafe doesn't want her to dress the kid in persimmon. They playfully argue and then Rafe gets his message from Carrie and they head to the pub, figuring Carrie's there.

At the pub, Carrie moans that nothing's turning out the way it was supposed to, after hearing the news about Stefano. Carrie gets a box for her sandwich and Austin's out of cash so goes into Carrie's bag to pay the bill. He finds her positive pregnancy test and confronts her. She confirms it's true and he yelps with delight and share the news with the entire pub. Rafe and Nicole arrive and Nicole thinks Austin looks too happy for someone who was just asked for a divorce. Austin tells them Carrie's pregnant and Rafe's jaw falls to the floor. Nicole tries covering for Rafe and takes him away while Austin professes his love for his wife. Outside, Rafe struggles with his composure.

Abe and Celeste return to the house and Daniel privately tells Abe that if he needs to talk, he's there for him. Daniel remembers taking things one day at a time during Rebecca's illness. Later, Lexi and Abe snuggle. "I wish we could have danced forever," Lexi says before falling asleep.

Back at SPD, Roman tells Shane that Abe threatened to kill Stefano. They agree to keep it quiet while they worry about what he'll do.

Hope, Bo, John and Marlena have coffee at the Coffee Bean and discuss going to Italy to find out information about the coin. They decide to take care of Stefano themselves.

Sneak peek!

Melanie tries to be supportive with Chad visiting his father but she refuses to accompany him.

EJ and Stefano have words about the money EJ stole from John.

Bo and Hope spend the day having sex.

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