At her place, Sami watches Lucas making inedible stew. Sami confesses to Lucas she ran into EJ at the square and he gave her advice. Lucas admits he already knew. Sami calls him a jerk for making her sweat and gives him a few shoves. They start smirking.

Salemites stare at Marlena and Hope in the square, making Marlena feel like a Kardashian. They spot Rafe and Marlena goes to him to ask where Carrie is. He says she's with Austin. Hope finds Abe and tells him about bringing Stefano down. He thinks it's about time but worries this will crush Lexi.

At the hotel, Carrie doesn't have anything to say about Austin wanting to buy a new house. They kiss and she slumps over and gasps in pain. She explains it's probably the flu and wants to get some air.

Roman, Bo and John yell at the CIA agent, who demands Stefano's release. He tells them they're all acting well over their pay grade. Stefano downplays his actions for Lexi, letting her know he'll be there for her. The agent tells the policemen as far as the US Government is concerned, Stefano DiMera is as pure as the driven snow. John chuckles and EJ gives Stefano a 'way to go'. The agent informs everyone that Stefano has been working on behalf of the CIA. In exchange for his work, he's been granted immunity for his recent crimes. John doesn't buy it and has to be held back from giving Stefano a right hook. Roman refuses to let Stefano go. He needs more answers than from 'agent whoever the hell he is'. EJ calls Abe to ask him to meet at SPD. Abe takes off and Marlena starts worrying. Hope calls John.

Carrie and Austin arrive at the pub to Kayla's sequels. She's ecstatic that everyone's alright. Kayla notices Carrie doesn't look well so Carrie runs to the pharmacy to get medicine. Austin opens up to Kayla about his problems with Carrie and how he wants things to get back to normal. He laments what he put Carrie through with Sami in the past and tries to convince himself that Carrie no longer has feelings for Rafe.

Sami and Lucas have water at the Coffee Bean while they discuss how EJ knew Will was gay. Lucas thinks it was a bad idea for Sami to talk to EJ at the square. What if Will saw them together? Sami groans about always screwing up. Lucas has been awesome and she doesn't want to blow things with him or Will. She suggests he listen to his mother and stay away from her but Lucas points out he has never listened to Kate and doesn't plan on starting now. Sami promises to change. He's her inspiration. "You used to be..." Lucas finishes her sentence. "Manipulative, and evil and insane like you?" Sami laughs but Lucas says he's the same person he has always been. They head home to fix the stew.

Carrie walks thorough the square, shoving a pregnancy test deep into her shoulder bag. Rafe walks up and learns she hasn't told Austin the truth yet. She says the timing is off. Rafe tries to reassure her and they profess their love for one another before Rafe runs back to Hope and Marlena, who tell him what's going on with Stefano.

Back at SPD, John and Roman learn the CIA agent was telling the truth. John throws the furniture around in anger and realizes they're out of options. Abe arrives and thanks EJ for calling. Abe doesn't want Lexi dragged into this. She needs to conserve her strength. Stefano tries to explain what's happening until EJ shuts him down. Roman and John sling insults at Stefano and he asks them to give him justice. Marlena walks in and starts yelling about how he deserves death row. Lexi begs Marlena to stop it and suddenly everyone's talking at once. Lexi screams for everyone to stop and clutches her head in pain before collapsing.

Carrie returns to the pub, claiming there was a long lineup at the chemist. She has to delay taking the pregnancy test because their food is ready. Their sandwiches arrive and Austin laughs about how tired Carrie looks. They tell each other they love one another. Carrie goes to the restroom while Austin whines to Kayla about Carrie's lack of appetite. She returns from the restroom with a positive pregnancy test.

Lucas and Sami head home and add onions, carrots and green peppers to their stew, before sampling it and then sampling each other.

Sneak peek!

Rafe learns of Carrie's pregnancy and is rocked to the core.

Lexi is taken home after her collapse. Daniel confirms to her that she probably only has days to live.

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