Lexi is thrilled that EJ, Abe, Chad, and Cameron brought Paris to the square. She feels special and thankful. EJ says, "Well done, Abraham," and Abe says Melanie tutored him in French. He croons, "Je t'aime," and in turn gets a kiss and a dance. Abby's glad EJ and Abe aren't at each other's throats and mentions being close with her own brother. She learns that Cameron knows JJ from St. Albain school. EJ takes off while Melanie and Chad have their caricatures drawn. Gabi shows up and Abby and Cam stare at Abe and Lexi wistfully while Abby notices Gabi's jealous gaze on Mel and Chad. Gabi asks to take Chad aside. Lexi goes to her brother. He tells her Paris becomes her. She thanks him for Paris and for getting along with Abe. She asks if he's alright and he reluctantly confesses he's not. She assumes it's about Nicole. He admits he misses her more than he could have imagined. Nearby, Celeste consults her Tarot cards and Chad tells Abby that Gabi's been getting phone calls from her stalker. Abby wants to see Gabi's phone but Gabi gets uptight and refuses. She deleted the calls, which were blocked, anyway. Elsewhere, Lexi tells her brother that she sees him living a wonderful life. As much as he screws up, she sees good things happening.

Victor walks in on Maggie's birthday dinner. They kiss and dine. Later, Henderson jokingly asks how many candles he should put on the cake. Victor tells him, "None." He doesn't want to burn down the house.

Sami whines about hearing that Will went to Marlena for advice. Lucas chastises her for talking to EJ about a private family matter and for running out on Will. Sami begs Lucas to help her fix this. She loves Will no matter what. She explains why she ran off. Lucas tells her Will and him are alike. They get really angry with her and then forgive her. They hug and Sami expresses her fear. She goes to find Will and Lucas leaves a message for Will, telling him they love him and Sami's on her way to apologize.

Carrie wakes up, startled from a nightmare and calling out to Rafe. Marlena's in her bed and relieves her concerns about what's going on with the others. Carrie runs off to throw up. Marlena makes her some tea and they discuss Carrie telling Austin the truth and how she feels about Nicole's baby. Carrie respects Rafe for commuting to Nicole and her baby. It makes her love him more. Carrie takes Ibuprofen for a headache, and Marlena asks if she's late. "Do you think I'm pregnant?" Carrie worries.

At Pier 19, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and John discuss what to do when DiMera gets there. Bo mentions how Shane's recording everything in a surveillance van. When Stefano calls, Bo fakes a "Russian" accent and pretends he's Nevsky. He tries getting Stefano to continue negotiations. Stefano agrees to meet. He turns up later and comments on the disguises. "Nevsky" claims he has had security issues and doesn't want to be photographed. Stefano heard he had another buyer and demands he deliver what he paid for or else regret it. He makes a show of telling him he's not intimidated and is unarmed. "Nevsky" says they've a deal. Stefano hands over the money and "Nevsky" says they've everything they need. Everyone pulls off their disguises. "Looks like it's check and mate," John says and Bo arrests Stefano, who smiles.

Lucas shows up and Maggie rushes into his arms. She's glad he's staying in Salem. Victor's surprised Lucas remembered his birthday. They make small talk and Victor pointedly asks what it's like to be working with Sami. Lucas thinks it's good for the kids. He wishes Victor a happy birthday and Maggie sees him out. Victor and Henderson discuss Lucas' visit. Henderson admits Maggie prepared dinner this evening. Victor wants to ensure Maggie stays happy. She can never learn the truth. Maggie walks in and has heard.

Sami interrupts Lexi and EJ's conversation at the square. She loves the Parisian motif. She tells EJ she's off to find Will to make things right. Celeste tells her son about the danger surrounding Abigail. "Your cards say whatever whack thing it is you want them to say." Celeste calls him foolish. Melanie and Abby discuss Gabi's stalker. Melanie lets it slip that she and Chad haven't been getting a lot of alone-time since Gabi moved in. Abe has the accordionist play Lexi's favorite song and they dance.

Sneak peek!

A man in a suit arrives at SPD to demand Stefano's release.

Maggie blows up, Victor thinks she's overreacting and Maggie walks out on him.

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