At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie asks Victor what he's hiding from her. They get into a big argument when he won't come clean. He asks her not to ruin their night. She is steaming mad knowing he won't be honest with her, and snaps, "Happy birthday!" She storms out.

Roman, Bo, John, Hope, and Rafe bring Stefano into the police station. They book him as Shane watches. Stefano denies that he's panicking. Shane muses that he's facing Federal charges - trafficking illegally in arms. Hope says the Phoenix flew too close to the sun - his wings melted and he can't fly anymore. Stefano mocks them, but they are confident they've got him this time.

At the safehouse, Carrie is stunned to think she might be pregnant. Marlena points out that she's late. Carrie says she's been under stress. Marlena talks about her wanting to be with Rafe, and how complicated it would be to be carrying Austin's child. The phone rings - it's Rafe. He says it's over, and tells her to come and celebrate. She hangs up and hugs Marlena.

At the square, Lexi tells EJ the party made it feel like she was in Paris. They discuss Cameron, and EJ observes how carefree she looked dancing with Abe earlier. Lexi smiles, but wishes Stefano could have been there. Just then, EJ gets a call.

Marlena strides into the station. Stefano clucks, "Ah, the queen of the night." Marlena tells him how delighted she is that he can't hurt her family anymore. She tells him he's broken and dark inside - she finds him pitiful. Rafe and Carrie leave. Stefano refuses his one phone call - news will travel fast. Stefano chuckles as he goes behind bars. Lexi arrives, followed by EJ. Stefano says Marlena, Bo, Hope, John - they're all alive - it was a hoax to trap him. He's charged with arms trafficking. Lexi wants EJ to get him out. EJ thinks he's guilty. Lexi says maybe he is, but every minute counts for her. Stefano says he'd refuse EJ's help anyway.

Outside, Rafe tells Carrie it's time to get their lives back. She lets him know she loves him. They nearly kiss, but she insists on talking to Austin first. Rafe notes she looks pale, and suggests she wait to tell Austin. Carrie says she can't let him go on thinking they have a future.

There's a knock at Austin's door - it's Billie checking on him. He complains about having to pretend his wife died in an explosion. Billie notices he's looking at houses. He says the visit to the safehouse went well, and he and Carrie are starting over. Billie jokes that twins run in Carrie's family. Austin says they've always wanted kids, but life got in the way. He tells Billie that he and Carrie are back on track. Carrie phones and tells him it's over. He says he's on his way.

Victor catches up with Maggie at the pub. He wants to apologize. Victor says what he's going to tell her will hurt her - it's about Lillian. Maggie asks, "Daniel's mother?" She says she stole her eggs. Victor says she had help - from him. She asks what he did. Victor says he owned the medical laboratory where her eggs were stored and gave Lillian access - he was helping his friends. Maggie cries. She can't believe he kept quiet since she found out Daniel was her son. Victor talks about how in love with her he was, and says she'd forgotten about the eggs. Maggie says he hasn't changed. She's decided not to go home with him tonight. Victor questions why she's lashing out at him.

Austin arrives in the square and pushes past Rafe to throw his arms around Carrie. He tells her he'll never let her go! He raves about what it's like to see her again and be able to take her home. Rafe looks on dubiously. Austin thanks Rafe, and he and Carrie head home. He shows her the houses he's been looking at - plenty of room to grow. He wants to dive in and start a family. She says she can't.

Billie arrives at the station and chats with John and Marlena before stepping out with Shane. Roman announces that EJ and Lexi are visiting Stefano. Marlena and Hope happily leave after kissing their men. An official arrives and says he wants the prisoner, Stefano DiMera. Stefano is brought up and the CIA man orders him to be released immediately!

Sneak Peek!

The man from the CIA tells Roman Stefano's been working on a CIA project when trading in illegal arms.

SPD is bedlam when everyone is angered that Stefano managed to dupe them again.

Lexi is caught in the middle and collapses, worrying Abe and Stefano.

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